Piaggio Unveils Exclusive JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA Collector's Edition in India
Piaggio Unveils Exclusive JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA Collector's Edition in India

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of the renowned Italian Piaggio Group and creator of the iconic Vespa and dynamic Aprilia range of scooters, has unveiled the JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA, a special collector's edition Vespa model personally conceptualized and designed by the singer, in India. The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA can be pre-ordered as an imported Completely Built Unit (CBU) and will be accessible through all Vespa dealerships in India as well as the Vespa India website. Only a limited quantity of this exclusive vehicle will be available for purchase.

Exuding glamour and timelessness, the new Vespa envisioned by Justin Bieber showcases his artistic flair. A monochrome aesthetic underlies the distinctive style of the Bieber-signed Vespa. The chosen white hue, a preference of the singer, elegantly permeates every facet of the new Vespa: from the seat to the grips to the spokes of the wheels. Even the brand logo and the flames adorning the vehicle's body are rendered in tone-on-tone white.

The vehicle's fresh and youthful design forms a protective shell, while the handlebar, featuring its iconic rectangular headlight, supports a remarkably contemporary full-color multifunctional TFT display that seamlessly integrates with smartphone functionalities. The striking Full-LED lights and the impressive 12-inch wheel rims exemplify the perfect amalgamation of style and technology. The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA for India will be equipped with the classic 150cc engine, now enhanced to comply with the latest environmental regulations.

"I hold a deep affection for Vespa, and collaborating with such an iconic brand is truly exciting. Expressing myself, whether it's through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics – crafting something out of nothing – is an integral part of who I am. Ultimately, the essence of creation and design is to infuse a unique touch", shared Justin Bieber.

Bieber's affinity for Vespa is widely acknowledged: "I remember my first ride on a Vespa somewhere in Europe, probably in London or Paris. I saw a Vespa and thought, 'I need to ride one of those.' It was such an enjoyable experience – the wind in my hair, a sense of freedom. It was fun," reflected Justin Bieber.

Diego Graffi, Chairman and MD of Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd, affirmed, "Vespa transcends being merely a mobility brand; it encapsulates art, design, technology, and enjoyment. It has consistently ignited the imaginations of artists, designers, and stylists worldwide. We are thrilled to present the collector's edition of the JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA to India, a collaboration that embodies creative energy, vibrancy, and enthusiasm – values that are shared by both Bieber and Vespa."

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