Tata CLiQ Luxury Expands its Home Category with Good Earth Collab
Tata CLiQ Luxury Expands its Home Category with Good Earth Collab

Tata CLiQ Luxury stands as a diverse haven for luxury enthusiasts, housing an extensive array of brands across various categories. Pioneering the concept of mindful luxury, the platform diligently curates an enriching consumer experience by uniting an impressive roster of Indian and global luxury brands under one roof. In its steadfast commitment to bolster the home category, a strategic focal point and one of the platform's fastest-growing sectors, Tata CLiQ Luxury has undertaken a remarkable initiative. It has partnered with Good Earth, a renowned Indian design house, to introduce an exclusive online store offering a meticulously crafted range of home products. This strategic alliance elevates the platform's existing luxury home portfolio, poised to propel further growth in this category.

Founded in 1996 by Anita Lal, Good Earth is a homegrown luxury brand that thrives in the realms of decor, dining, and fashion. With a profound mission to spotlight the skills of village potters and bring their art to the urban forefront, the brand espouses the philosophy of sustainable luxury. Good Earth products are celebrated for their artistic designs, each narrating a unique story that embarks on a captivating journey. Pioneering handcrafted homeware, the brand is resolutely dedicated to reviving India's age-old traditions, fostering both environmental and societal well-being. Tata CLiQ Luxury, a trailblazer in multi-category luxury e-commerce in India, extends the reach of Good Earth's dinnerware products to a broader spectrum of discerning luxury consumers with the launch of this dedicated online store.

This platform will provide effortless access to an extensive range of Good Earth dining ware, encompassing dinnerware, cutlery, serveware, table linen, and more. It empowers customers to craft spaces that authentically reflect their individuality, passions, and an appreciation for life's finer nuances. The online store invites consumers to embark on a journey, unveiling the narrative behind each product as they leisurely browse through the offerings. It serves as an inspiration for individuals to create 'Timeless Homes,' where every nook and cranny epitomizes craftsmanship and thoughtful design, culminating in a luxuriously immersive living experience.

Gopal Asthana, CEO, Tata CLiQ said, "For Tata CLiQ Luxury, the home category is a strategic priority, and we are directing our efforts to continuously expand this category further by offering renowned brands and assortments that mirror the values of the platform. Our partnership with Good Earth is a testament to this and to our shared values of craftsmanship, heritage, and sustainability. Good Earth comes with a legacy that offers luxury that is Indian in ethos and rooted in local heritage and karigari. It is also a celebration of making responsible choices. We are honored to launch the brand on our platform and look forward to offering a curated range of luxury handcrafted dinnerware products and an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.

Anupama Gupta, CEO, Good Earth added, “Good Earth celebrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture through its exquisite products and designs, with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability that reflect the essence of India's traditions and heritage. Together with Tata CLiQ Luxury, we are dedicated to bringing the beauty of our unique creations to a wider base of the discerning audience who appreciate the artistry and elegance that our brand epitomizes. We are incredibly proud to embark on this journey, expanding our reach and sharing our passion for craftsmanship with a broader audience.

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