Hottest Ex Launches Skincare Range
Hottest Ex Launches Skincare Range

The ever-growing beauty industry worldwide has seen massive growth and a shift in the recent past. Consumers are no longer choosing just any cosmetic or beauty product for themselves. But they are getting more conscious and aware of the products they are buying. The growing interest of consumers in checking the label of the product before buying has led brands to come up with organic, natural, and sustainable products.

To cater demands of this set of consumers, Hottest Ex has come up with a no-nonsense and non-toxic approach to skincare and lifestyle. Its skincare range represents the aspirations of today’s bold, unstoppable and unapologetic women. The brand promotes a culture of self-care with superior quality products, consumer engagement, and experience strategy, moving away from conventional skincare brands that focus on just functional benefits.

Hottest Ex is a skincare brand launched by Prove The Point - which is an umbrella of beauty, self-care, and healthy lifestyle products. The company is eco-conscious and is cruelty-free, which serves as an inspiration to propagate sustainable choices among the consumers.

Hottest Ex Launches Skincare Products Range

Rakesh Krishnotula, Managing Partner, Prove The Point, said, “The beauty industry has always thrived on setting unrealistic beauty standards which are emotionally toxic, and that is what we aspire to change. We’re not telling you how you should be, rather we encourage you to become the best version of your own self. Being the Hottest Ex is not just about breaking ties with everything toxic, but also with the ex-you that put up with it. Skin problems not only occur because of toxic skincare products, but also because of a toxic lifestyle. Keeping that in perspective, the brand communication is done with an aim to induce a sense of healthy lifestyle and being confident in one’s own skin.”  

Aakriti Kundral, Brand Manager & Spokesperson, Hottest Ex, asserted, “A huge part of the skincare industry’s consumers did not have the required knowledge of what they’re putting on their skin. However, that is changing very quickly and people are becoming more aware. There is a drastic drift towards cruelty-free, non-toxic, and natural products as people are done with putting harsh ingredients on their skin, and we’re glad to come up with something so healthy and rich in terms of the entire experience.”

As of now, the brand has launched four products that are suitable for all skin types. Antiversary is the Super Exfoliant & Clearing Powder-to-foam cleanser. Next in the line is Ghosted, which is a Superfood Biome Mask & Glow Stimulating Purifying Mask. Then there’s Closure, which is a Souffle Brightness Stimulating Hydrating Mask, and the fourth one is Manicorn, a Solution Mystic & Antioxidant Glow Water. There are also five combos available of these products, which are called To-do, Head Over Heels, Wishlist, Never The Less, and Whole Hearted which can be easily included in one’s daily and weekly skincare regime. 

Hottest Ex Launches Skincare Products Range

The brand also plans on expanding internationally. With more upcoming products in-store, the company’s idea of expansion is centered around youngsters.

Commenting about a deeper foray into the skincare industry and plans of expansion, Aakriti Kundral added, “We’re working on more products that will be launched soon. In less than a year, you will have more products by Hottest Ex to choose from. We’re excited to provide even a bigger spectrum of skincare range for all needs.”

Through a commitment towards personal care, Hottest Ex seeks to deliver immersive experiences and provide people with high-quality products that complement their lifestyles and well-being.

The products of Hottest Ex are available on its e-commerce portal and Amazon.

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