?How to start a restaurant business?
?How to start a restaurant business?

Folks of different region carrying their taste, choice of foods and lifestyle have made the restaurant industry evolve and to make an entry and catch up with the ever evolving industry, aspiring restaurateurs are all set to make their presence felt.

NRAI IFSR 2016 estimates that the total contribution of the restaurant industry alone will contribute 2.1% to the GDP of India by the year 2021.

Riyaaz Amlani, President, NRAI has said, "The total food services market today stands at INR 3, 09, 110 crores and has grown at 7.7 % since our last report in 2013. This is projected to grow to INR 4, 98, 130 crores at a CAGR of 10% by 2021."

Here are a few points to help aspiring restaurateurs and entrepreneurs to start a restaurant business:

1.Concept of the restaurant:

Step by step approach for establishing any business is the first and foremost rule. Concept and planning of the business might take long but without any plan and concept, a business cannot move an inch.

A well begun thing is half done, thus if the concept as to what kind of restaurant you want to open, should it be a high-end fine dine restaurant or for casual diner or cuisine specific or microbrewery or pub or simply quick service restaurant.

Moreover the proper planning with estimated future goals, expected profits and expansion plans will be help the banks in developing trust on your business, where the loans and financial aids come into play.

2.Discovering the apt Location:

Location plays an important role in shaping your business dream into reality. If the location does not fulfill your requirements, then it can cost you dearly. Such as is it a crowded place, do other business run well there, is there any other restaurant in or around the complex, is there sufficient water facility in the locality, has anyone opened restaurant in that place earlier, why has not anyone approached that place for opening a restaurant there, is there sufficient space for parking and questions like these should be answered before finalizing the location.

3.Face of your restaurant:

This might sound like a trivial issue but the name of the restaurant and its interior design plays a significant role equally as the service you provide to your guests.

Guests are the ones, who will be on the receiving end of your business, pleasing them is the ultimate reason for the growth of your business as they are the ones who will provide energy to push the business forward.

Advertisements through different mediums will let others know about the existence of your restaurant and the kind of food, service you provide.

4.Licenses and permits:

The required documents, licenses and work permits should be kept ready before opening the restaurant.

Obtaining business licenses is the doorway for any business industry to roll.

Proper legal procedures about taking the lease area and license to serve alcohol in that area and proper ventilation in the kitchen, safety standards in case of emergency should be taken care of even before laying the foundation stone of your business.

5.Hiring staffs:

A restaurant is known by the kind of food it serves, the chefs it has, services it provides and the ambiance, thus to maintain all this, hiring the A-one chefs, waiters and waitresses, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, bartenders and wait staff is very important.

Take care of the staffs and they will take care of the quality of services, food and needs of the customer.

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