India goes Filmy with bollywood themed restaurants
India goes Filmy with bollywood themed restaurants

Did you ever imagine yourself sitting at a place and enjoying food with your favourite actor’s poster and pictures on wall? The dialogues that you have always admired and practiced, a place that serves foods like "Jab main chota bacha tha" aka garlic bread with cheese and "Chicken chameli" aka tandoori chicken, Tofu Kabool Karo and many more.  Get ready for all the ‘Tadka’ that you have always missed while out on a date or partying with friends.

Yahan sab kuch ‘Filmy’ hai

Today, people tend to find that connect or thin line in their food and they compare everything with a movie.  I believe these are the two most important things in life, which makes a person happy when he is stressed. And, restaurateurs have got this right by bringing both together. Filmy themed cafes are a new theme that is up in the Indian food market in the last one year.

Restaurateurs like Priyank Sukhia, Umang Tewari, Deez Biryani fame Thakur Bhuvan Singh are creating a new food scenario in the country. Sukhija, who opened Light Camera Action, is a concept restaurant with Bollywood theme ambience for all movie buffs.  To get the Bollywood feel, they also have a tripod stand, which the directors use, cameras and Bollywood music. The music which is played at the background is decent to the ears.

“We all are Hindustani and love the flavours of our movies. Light Camera Action will be a fun and quirky place with Bollywood themed interiors, artwork and displays with popular dialogues like 'Mere paas maa hai' and much more,” shared Sukhija.

Adding to the lines, Seep Prateek Gambhir, Owner, Mumbai Matinee, pointed, “Before launching Mumbai matinee we actually researched for six to seven months. It was like a complete thesis which we have done. From the start of the cinematic experience which was "Alam Are” to "hum Apke hai Kaun”.

Selling on traffic

As these restaurants are giving the customers’ not only food, but an experience that they can cherish, they are attracting a large footfall. Located at the premises or near to a cinema hall, restaurants are also attracting the customers’ who are out on movie.

“We have two categories of Customers who visit us. The first being cinema goers, who usually visit us before the movie show or during intervals, these customers have little time and usually order for quick snacks and shots. They typically spend anywhere between 15-30 minutes and we ensure that the service they receive is very quick with average price cost of Rs 400-500. The other is the regular diners, who take out time and enjoy our food, beverages, shesha and music. They typically spend 2-3 hours with around Rs 800-1000 total spend,” expressed Singh who owns Filmy Cafe & Bar at the premises of PVR Cinemas.

Commenting on the traffic drawn, Vivek Bhargava Owner at Light Camera Action, Rajouri Garden said, “Every hour has been high traffic hour at Light Camera Action, we have seen numbers going up from first day.”

Endorsing celebrity

And, hence it is all a movie buzz, bringing the celebrity on board is the new addition to bring that thrill and craze amongst the customers. Newly opened Restaurant & Bar, Garam Dharam at CP has joined hands with Veteran actor Dharmendra to promote their restaurants.

“We Met Dharmendra Ji through one of the friend, and we told them about Dhaba food outlet which we want to open. Dharam Ji being foodie was also interested. Then came the idea of Bollywood Dharmendra themed bar. He gave us the inputs in interiors by letting us know his favourite movies, dialogues and more. Dharam Garam, Dhaba Te Theka is place for all those who enjoy simpler elements of Life- Good Food and Good Music,” added Tewari.

Hence, we can say that today dining is no more a food driven affair, it is all about a good place, nice music and a memories to   cherish.

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