This Restaurant Reflects the Subtle Taste of Culture
This Restaurant Reflects the Subtle Taste of Culture

Hotel Sahara Star, the flagship hotel of Sahara India Pariwar, launched its thali restaurant, Manuhaar. The restaurant specializes in serving vegetarian cuisines inspired by two states, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The Taste of Tradition

A restaurant that focuses on thali-style food, Manuhaar serves authentic Gujarati and Marwari cuisines. An extraordinary spread of the best vegetarian delicacies, the thali is the best way one can enjoy a scrumptious Indian meal. Experts in dal baati churma and Gujarati kadhi, Manuhaar offers fine dining in vegetarian cuisines.    

Manish Sodhi, CEO, Hotel Sahara Star said, “With Manuhaar, we hope to reach out to all those guests who wish to feast on authentic vegetarian food. The challenge is to offer all our guests a cuisine of their choice and to make sure that they have a memorable time. We look forward to matching the evolving times and the changing taste buds.”

With thali lunch available from noon to 3 pm, Manuhaar also serves from 6 pm onwards until 11 pm, specifically targeting Jain guests who prefer following the chauviyaar tradition. To keep the guests entertained and at ease, Manuhaar also has instrumental music played softly in the background.

Manuhaar is a perfect melange of the Gujarat and Marwad delicacies served in a single Thali. Inspired by the simplicity of the people from the soil, the interiors reflect the subtle taste of cultural authenticity. 

The Veg Thali Restaurant's Marketing Strategy

Speaking about the marketing strategy for Manuhaar, the veg Thali restaurant in Mumbai, Sonal Punjabi, Marcom Manager of Hotel Sahara Star said, “The Vegetarian food is making a huge comeback in the culinary scene of Mumbai. With Manuhaar we wanted to be at the forefront of the revolution.”

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Sonal Punjabi said the restaurant is focused on creating awareness on two fronts:

Guests at the Sahara Star Hotel – “We have a footfall of 1000-1500 daily at Sahara Star, hence, the plan was to create a buzz internally and tease our guests about the upcoming offering.”

Guests outside our hotel – “We used digital marketing extensively for this - teasers and videos about the restaurant were shared on our social media channels. We got our restaurant listed on food apps, reached out to the food bloggers and influencers in Mumbai as well apart from the email marketing. We were overbooked on the launch week in October, 2018. The strategy worked right!”

“Even though the food is an integral part of the offering, dining has become more about experience and service. Fine-dining restaurants are putting a lot of emphasis on architecture, ambience and good quality ingredients. Food that is distinctive, well-researched becomes important in creating a long-lasting impact on the guests. With the revival of regional cuisines and rediscovering classic recipes, there has been an increased demand for authentic signature dishes. Guests opting for a fine-dining restaurant expect the best in service, in terms of food and the ambience,” said Sonal Punjabi.

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The Ambience and Décor

As the name Manuhaar suggests, a lot of thinking and creativity was put together to create the welcoming feel for guests, told Amit Ganpuley, Food and Beverage Manager of Hotel Sahara Star. Handpicked antiques, brass artefacts, classy wooden décor just complement each other. The cosy leather couches, traditional ambience music, soft lighting, floor to ceiling glass windows, life-size hand paintings adds value to the design.

Manuhaar Hosts Over 1100 Guests Per Month!

“Service from the heart is what we believe in. Our guests not only dine with us but carry a story with themselves. People have shown tremendous love for our restaurant since we opened our doors. We are almost sold out on weekends and on weekdays we utilize around 80% - 85% seats. On weekdays interests keep pouring in from corporates to host group lunch and dinner whereas on weekends it’s mostly families relishing delicious Rajasthani and Gujarati food,” said Amit Ganpuley.

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“The recipes crafted by Maharajs and the flawless service by team keep guests coming again and again. In December we have seen an increase in footfall by 20 % when compared to the previous month. On an average, we have around 1100 guests at the restaurant a month.”

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