"We Focused on What Not to Do," Suman Bharti of Reflex

On His Venture

Being from a fashion designing background, Suman Bharti was always into food and. While living in the UK he visited different pubs and brewery that always attracted him towards the business. “It was in 2004 when we tried a brewery while hanging around in Switzerland. And, that’s when I realized that this is something we should have in India,” he added by point that Reflex is an inspiration from all his travel experience.


What’s Make the Brand Different

The restaurant ambience and the beer we serve is our USP. It is very different from other brewery in the market as we serve IPA, Vienna Lager beer, wheat beer etc. Our beer is our strength. If you see our food, every kind of food palate will fit into this. We cover everything from Mexican, pan Asian, Indian, Continental amongst others.


On His Restaurant Design

We did lots of research on what not to do before getting settled for anything. It was one and half year long research to start this dream project. And it took me nine months to build up this place. So, make sure you build up a product which is quality research. It should not be a copy. If you see this place, I don't think you'll find it somewhere else. It's very elite, it's very niche, it's very different.



His View on Food Delivery

We don’t do online deliveries. I think when the food is delivered at home it loses its true essence of freshness. That’s why I like to keep it fresh and healthy.


Targeting the Right Clientele

Ours is more like corporate crowds. So, we have people who lives in closeby apartments. We don’t restrict our clientele but we target all age group. Reflex is an experience for everyone.


What is your take on brewery trends these days?

People have started experimenting with beers and there’s a lot of experiment going on. Everybody is launching their own kind of beer.


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