Ishant Khanna Appointed as Corporate Chef for Badmaash by VRO Hospitality
Ishant Khanna Appointed as Corporate Chef for Badmaash by VRO Hospitality

VRO Hospitality, a rapidly expanding food and beverage group in India, has revealed the selection of Chef Ishant Khanna as the Corporate Chef for Badmaash, one of its leading brands.


Badmaash is known for its blend of Indian cuisine with global standards of service and style. Ishant, who has 16 years of experience in the industry, was previously a Kitchen Faculty member at the Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development.


The restaurant's menu features a wide selection of Indian dishes, including bite-sized offerings like Bird Eye Chilli & Avocado Bhel, Xacuti Chicken Tikka & Raw Mango Salad, Spice Soya Keema Appam, and Spiced Figs Kofta Curry. These dishes are crafted using locally sourced ingredients that represent various regions of the country.


Chef Ishant has also worked with JW Marriott, Olive & Thyme Hospitality LLP, Four Seasons Hotels, and Oberoi Hotels & Resorts.


Over the course of his 16-year career, Chef Ishant has established himself as a trailblazer in the hospitality industry and has created several unique and signature dishes.


He began his journey as a kitchen trainee at Oberoi Hotels and Resorts in 2007 after completing his education in Kitchen Management from The Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development.


While working at Oberoi Hotels, Chef Ishant received training from various Master Chefs belonging to different regional cuisines such as Himachali, Kashmiri, Awadhi, Hyderabadi, and Rajasthani, which helped him expand his knowledge of regional Indian food.


He has also worked as a Culinary Exemplary for several events, including "Coast to Coast" and "Rivayat" at The Oberoi, New Delhi, as well as the "Rajasthani Food Festival" and "Four Hands Punjabi Food Festival" at JW Marriott, Bengaluru.


Badmaash, is a  brand under VRO Hospitality, is known for its ability to transport foodies on a gastronomic adventure through different Indian states.


At present, there are four Badmaash outlets - two in Bengaluru, as well as one in Kolkata and Goa - with three additional locations set to open soon (two in Bengaluru and one in Mumbai).




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