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E-retail or the online stores are redefining the retail concept. Today’s retailers are all set to leverage this potential channel to reach out to the remote corners of the country, thereby increasing the consumer base. The section tracks the developments, latest trends and related issues of this channel.

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As we inch towards the year 2019, we realise that while everything else – including product prices and number of players in the market – is seeing an upward trajectory of growth, the retail shop floors are facing a massive space crunch. The high-end luxury brands are the most hard-pressed in this regard to navigate the

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Pitney Bowes a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of ecommerce, shipping, mailing, and data, today published key findings from the 2018 Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Study. As online retailers and marketplaces prepare for record volumes of ecommerce orders this holiday season, the study found that

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India’s e-commerce market is expected to hit $200 billion by 2026 as per the report published by Morgan Stanley last year.  We if look at market leader, majorly it is largely ruled by Flipkart and Amazon and if sources are to be believed Google is all set for e-commerce foray in India. Google’s entry into e-commerce

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By: Mayur Saraswat, Head Sales- Digital, TeamLease Services With Walmart acquiring majority stake in Flipkart, everybody is watching this sector with hope and optimism. E-commerce, which has been the poster boy of Indian’ economy despite its high failure rate in India, will continue to see increased investment and interest in

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If you have ever wondered, “is this brand reading my mind”, when you received discount offers from the same brand you wanted to buy apparel, then maybe it is indeed ‘reading’ you. As artificial intelligence (AI) takes over multiple industries, retail too has not been left far behind. In fact, several reports

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By Mr Abhishek Bansal, Head-Transaction and Forex Laws Advisory in Corporate Professionals Emanated from World Trade Convention, wholesale and retail trading has been contracted among the member countries of World Trade Organization by entering in General Agreement on Trade in Services (‘GATS’) in the year 1995. India,

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The e-commerce businesses are blooming in India due to the advent of latest innovations and technologies that are making an online venture easier. The online marketing trends, distribution system, logistics, and other components are creating a stable platform for the online business venture. It is now easy to create an online business

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The advent of new emerging technologies has enabled customers to reach their shopping experience from anywhere. Thanks to digitalization that has taken over even in small villages today, the e-commerce giants have entered into these huge and untapped markets. These e-commerce tech giants have helped connect the buyer and seller,

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With an online population of 500 mn in 2017, India has one of the fastest growing Internet population in the world. We believe a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13% will take the number of online users to 720 mn, close to where China is currently. The CAGR of the Indian online user growth is nearly four times that of global rate.

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If you ask a brick & mortar retailer who has worked in this industry since last 17 years, will never embrace or talk more about this e-com & m-com but rather stick to the same old style of retailing, which is a direct selling from the shop or outlet BUT Retail is changing now and if we don’t match with this

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Shopping centres are undergoing a major evolution at the moment because there is a strong shift how the people are shopping. E-commerce is spreading its wings also forcing shopping centres to expand their presence beyond brick and mortar. As malls are going omnichannel, there has been constant debate about whether or not, shopping

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Today the world is moving towards online. In such scenario, traditional retail seems to have started struggling in order to stay relevant to tech savvy customers in the era of e-commerce. However, as per the industry insiders there is no hindrance in establishing the synergy between online and offline.  In fact, today the

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With shopping shifting from malls to mobiles, digital disruption in the last few years has changed the way new age consumers buy. As most of the routine purchase patterns collapse, the millennial buyers have also acquired new age consumer habits. In its recent study ‘Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018’, PwC has

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The consumers of the present day world enjoy huge comfort in ordering their favorite stuff online with a click and getting it delivered right to their doorsteps at zero cost. Therefore, more and more businesses are taking due care to make all the arrangements to pamper their tech-savvy customers in a digitally smart

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In this digitally advanced era, Omni - channel transformation requires adopting a view, that breaking down boundaries is a necessity. It's not just an event; instead, it's a journey. The retail industry is widely flourishing with the introduction of the Omni Channel Providers. Today’s customer may start an interaction on

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