Time to Opt out of Regular Monotonous Food Business
Time to Opt out of Regular Monotonous Food Business

Food and its taste can never be withheld within boundaries--- the taste, color, and aroma of food are very stubborn to be bound in imaginary lines. The millennials have spread their wings to fly way anywhere just to have that peculiar taste linger on their tongues, that is the beauty of food.

These varied lifestyles have compelled the cuisines to cross borders and land on the plate, thereby accelerating the entire food business. To satisfy the desires of millennials and matching steps with trends, foodpreneurs have optioned the following categories to align their business with the demands:

Customised Menu:

Having the same food becomes monotonous and boring especially for people who stay in a hostel or depend upon catering service or on a maid. To change the taste, restaurants are flooded especially during weekends, but when you can have a plate full of taste from around the world, why compromise with one.

The customised menu is trending these days due to the growing fondness for good food, that millennials look forward to. A plate of Indian meal accompanied by continental dishes, or Japanese dish Sushi or Korean dish Kimchi, bringing the taste of entire world on one plate has been a go-to destination for millennial foodies, which is why foodpreneurs should come up with multiple options under a customised menu.


Alcohol consumption has become a ritual, where after a tiring exhausting week millennials look forward to relaxing and settle the tension down by pouring small batches of alcohol into their system.

The demand for alcohol has gone up. Reports suggest revenues amassed from sales of alcohol in India will soar vigorously at 7.4% CAGR, and reach INR 5.1 trillion value by the end of 2026.

Pubs and bars have new opportunities for foodpreneurs, coming their way where they can identify and modify mainstream alcohol serving methods to please the millennials.

Small Bites for More Taste:

When sounds of crackling mustard seeds on the hot frying pan fall on the ear and the smell of spicy condiments reach the nostrils, picturing food in the mind, who would want to waste time when the senses have already been tantalized by the aroma of food straight from the kitchen. Millennials are restless, which is why they prefer quick bites.

Also, quick bites give them the privilege to order more in small amounts, to keep the balance of taste on their tongue and helping foodpreneurs in not wasting too much of food.

Healthy yet Tasty Options:

Millennials are opting for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain that, they are looking forward to places, which offer healthy yet tasty options. Healthy salads, low-calorie food, baked or steamed delicious options to compensate heavy workouts,  are all that they ask for.

So, foodpreneurs can try to play around healthy and organic food options to present to the customers, that can only be possible if the foodpreneur can sense the pulse of the growing demand of multiple healthy food options and present on the plate.


This is also an unexplored area; we have only witnessed few in the name of food technology. Foodpreneurs are looking for more innovations to match up with their customers’ demand or to please their customers.

Foodpreneurs can borrow ideas from abroad or can collaborate with foreign brands to get on the track. Foodtech is and will be an area of interest for rivals as well as for millennial. This is how foodies and foodpreneurs can share their love for food on the same table.

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