Changing role of HR

HR is increasingly viewed as strategic to a retailer's growth plans.
Changing role of HR

The human resources department is viewed as key to a retailer’s success and is no longer viewed as simply performing a ‘support’ function. The retail sector in the country is characterised by experimentation and risk taking, and the resulting implications for HR managers to recruit and retain suitable employees to support this growth model, is now viewed as key.
 And, in the retail industry where the right product at the right time is the key operational goal, but once again finding the right man for the right job, is the responsibility of HR. In addition, with the opening up of the retail sector to FDI, a considerable emphasis is also being paid to training of staff at all levels, in a bid to keep attrition levels under check. The role of HR in modern retail organisations:

Managing front-end staff

An overwhelming proportion of retail staff consists of front-end staff who are not that well educated, and HR as well as operational managers, play an important role to ensure that these staff members are working towards achieving individual targets, as well as understanding the broader corporate objectives.Motivating staff and managing expectations
Reducing attrition levels via a range of incentive programs, as well as ensuring growth opportunities, both in terms of monetary terms, as well as via additional work responsibilities and sponsoring further education of employees, is also a key HR goal.

Barkat Charania, Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Talent, a speciality retail recruitment company.

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