Deal with Complaints efficiently
Deal with Complaints efficiently

Complaints should not be seen as head-ache in the retail business. Retailers are finding ways to scramble the customer base but do not pay much heed to the after sales services. It is one of the main concerns in order to retain the business seriously. Grievances and complaints by the customers are insights of great importance and consideration. The entire process of an organisation is channelised towards satisfying the customer need. Hence should he come back with a feedback, it should be studied with utmost care.

Complaints can be Blessing in Disguise

When a customer contacts to complain about a product or service received, it actually brings the feedback of the products sold in the market. It can be a blessing in disguise.  Also, it should be seen from another angle; there can be hundreds who do not bother to complain but who also spread negative comments about your company.

In situations where customer complaints occur, the complaint must be dealt with immediately and the cause of the complaint rectified. Some companies are not concerned with quality and often ignore complaints or deal with them dishonestly.

“It is the most important part of retail business as the brand name propagates through word of mouth”, emphasises Harkirat Singh, MD, Woodland.

According to Abhay Gupta, Executive Director, Blues Clothings, “This feedback can help a retailer understand better the gaps in the process as well as areas to improvise.”

Act Maturely

Says Harkirat Singh, MD, Woodland,  “Though we have strong team and manufacturing unit but still complaints do come which require immediate service. We try to sort out the matter at the earliest keeping in mind customer satisfaction.”

Need to groom the staff

“We give liberties to our staff to take the decision on the spot,” suggests Harkirat Singh. The staff should be efficiently trained in product knowledge and courteous to the client. Be helpful in nature and pleasant to deal with complaint or feedback efficiently. Subsequently the staff will follow up and resolve the complaint with minimum loss in time.

There are some other activities which can help you to take the honest position of your company or brand. According to Abhay Gupta, Executive Director, Blues Clothing :

  • Add customer feedback and complaints app to your website.
  • The sales staff and CRM team ensure efficient after sales service.
  • An alternative product or style could also be suggested to suit the customer.
  • To take the details of the customer & even start with home delivery services to bring trust to your brand.



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