Fit in right!

Right people for the right position make or break a company.
Fit in right

Employees are the greatest assets for a retailer. Looking at the retail competitiveness, it is imperative to make sure the organisation is backed by the right employees.  The concern doesn’t end with the hiring of skilled personnel; it goes on to hiring them for the right job profile.

Why the suitability?

Be it the front end or the back end, their role is indispensible. Employees can be a liability rather than an asset if they don’t carry out their respective jobs appropriately. More so if they are hired for a job profile different than where their expertise lies, it can considerably work towards the deterioration of the company and inversely effect the brand name. Ashish Kumar, Chief HR Officer, PVR tells, “Hiring the wrong people for a position can lead to customer dissatisfaction, a threat to safety and security and lead to attritions as well.”

At the front end, if an employee either doesn’t know his job or is not interested in the work assigned to him, will not deliver well. This will affect the brand and its image directly. Customers are the ones who give a brand its business and an unhappy customer is not something that any brand looks forward to. Even at the back end, if a product is not made or packed properly by an employee who is disinterested, the quality of the end product will fall down. This will lead to a fall in sales as no customer would want to buy faulty products.

Wrong employees can be in any department of a business and affect not just a single business realm. So hiring at all levels, needs to be monitored.

Dissatisfaction and attrition

A person is hired on the basis of his qualification, but sometimes looking at their expertise and experience, they are given a different KRA. After being given a KRA, the employee works towards his goals and targets. But if he is not the right one for it, he may not deliver what is expected of him as some people are not be able to perform in that scenario.

Retailers are more careful of hiring at a higher level as Kamal Karanth, Managing Director, Kelly Services India says, “Hiring people with the right knowledge and expertise for specific roles is extremely imperative as employees are more likely to get job satisfaction if they are well fitted to their job, as it reduces the number of staff changes and the risk of dissatisfied employees. It requires less in-house training if they are keen on their job, which helps increase productivity of employees.”

Dissatisfaction can lead them to bad mouth about the company in the market which keeps talent away from the company and adversely affects the work of an organisation. Attritions are a major outcome of employee dissatisfaction. As Kamarth puts it, HIRING RIGHT… a correct skill, expertise and personality match.

Saving the day

The first step to get over such a hassle is by keeping a check on the hiring process. The HR department with adequate knowledge about existing verticals in an organisation and should hire new people after a proper understanding of each vertical. This will lead to the right kind of hiring and thus the right affect on a brand.  

At PVR, employee engagement programmes are in initiated whenever and wherever an employee dissatisfaction or employee mischief is reported. At the time of hiring, extra attention is payed to make sure right people get the right position. Kumar tells, “At all levels we have a set of guidelines for hiring. The prospective employees are then rated on a scale of one to five and hired or rejected.”

Giving the way out, Karanth tells, “To overcome this - HR and Recruitment teams should not just look at the job description but should deep dive into the environment and understand more than job background – what are the personal traits that suit the role, aspirations of the candidate, work life balance priorities, corporate culture etc – some of these finer aspect play a critical role in sourcing the right talent.”

So the next time you look at hiring an employee, go beyond his qualifications and hire him for what he/she is best at.









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