Motivate staff to boost sales

A highly motivated staff which achieves its goals is a dream for any employer. But this magic does not happen by itself. It takes a dedicated business owner to motivate the staff. Read on to know how...
Staff motivation

Better motivated staff always equals a higher productivity, which in turn means higher profits. A retailer has to employ just a little bit of creativity and thought in letting his staff know that they are valued. This projects the retailer/ manager as a choice leader and allows staff members/salespeople to feel their contributions as important for the organisation. Just as a parent nurtures and raises his/her children, the business owner also needs to develop a similar relationship with the staff.


Motivation can take many forms

The thing about motivation is that it is intangible, when compared to employee benefits. Benefits take the form of gift coupons, vouchers, paid holidays, insurance covers and so on, whereas motivation can be all this and much more. It is not always about the presents, it is also about ‘presence’. As mentioned earlier, just like children seek the attention of a parent, so do salespeople/staff require the presence of their manager or the store owner/MD etc. Even as adults we are constantly seeking attention and acknowledgement. It is only a discerning leader/manager who realises this and works with it. Spending quality time on the floor of the store is a good way of making your presence felt. Knowing every employee by their first name is another one. Recognition and receiving appreciation often encourages a person to outdo themselves in matters of performance.


Retailer = Manager

Owning a store and hiring mangers does not rid one of the responsibilities of looking after the affairs of the business. A retailer has to be in all senses a manager who knows and understands the functioning of his/her business right down to the grass-root level. Despite having a whole managerial team handling human resources, hiring, training and staffing, the business owner needs to be a person who is not only well-versed with these procedures, oversees them and also takes the pain of personally connecting with his salespeople/staff/employees.


How to create go-getters

The two ways of building a motivated team are concentration on individual motivation and creating a positive working environment where the worker finds space and opportunity to motivate him/herself. A set of go-getters who exhibit the zeal to out-perform themselves is always an asset to a business and nothing better than motivation can achieve that.


Individual motivation

Handing out appraisals may not work as well as positively motivated individuals. Staff should be motivated to act in a way that promotes the success of the company where they work. A manager should take out some time out of his busy schedule and spend that on reviewing and rewarding employees. This boosts individual morale and gives the staff the tools and skills needed to succeed. These tools include an understanding of the mission of the company and the employee’s particular role for insuring company’s success.


Positive work environment

Knowing the working staff, employees, salespeople etc by their first name, having some knowledge of their families create a sense of belongingness for the employees. An atmosphere which is fraught with stress, screaming mangers, over-worked and underpaid employees rarely produces stunning profits. The question is what should a work environment ideally be like? The simple answer is that it should be an enjoyable and positive atmosphere that develops the key skills of the employees needed within a successful business atmosphere.


For any business to succeed, any retailer to see rocketing sales his/her staff’s performance is crucial (this goes without saying). So, if this is universally known, why should business owners hold back in encouraging their employees for better productivity?

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