3 Takeaways to Build a Successful Fashion Brand in India
3 Takeaways to Build a Successful Fashion Brand in India

Fashion is more than what you wear and what you carry, it is a medium for self-expression. It is also an industry that affects so much more than just one's wardrobe. It affects millions of livelihoods, the environment, and the economy, more so in the current times than ever before. Within this powerful yet volatile industry, it is an exciting challenge for a brand to establish itself and build its own growing community of customers and patrons. 

Build a Community Around the Brand's Ethos, Don’t Be Afraid to be You

Fashion connects people as it brings together a community. It is important to leverage this power and lay the foundation for not just business but a community to take shape. When the products that you sell mean something and bring the narrative of your brand alive, it becomes a movement and attracts people with similar tastes, values, and interests organically. Even if you are selling via social media and want to transition to a more established D2C marketplace, platforms such as Shopify can help you through this transition, right from building a website to forming your own app. D2C marketplaces provide a great solution to reach a wider audience.

Also, it is important to talk as much about your vision and processes as you do about your products and make the community a part of your journey. Let the community know where the products are coming from, be transparent, and be your own kind of a brand – original and unique.

The community, the brand identity, and the vision - all together build the personality of your brand that will set you apart, define your USP.

Ensure Open Communication and Take Feedback Seriously

Although fashion choices are largely subjective, for a fashion brand to really connect with its customers and become a must-have, the most important thing to do is to take feedback seriously. A tone-deaf fashion brand is always on its way out. As a brand, you must find the right balance between your own creative expressions and the requirements of your customer segments.  Pivot, experiment, take a survey, keep communication channels open on social media, find a way that works for you to directly keep in touch with customers, and act on constructive feedback. Be honest when mistakes happen and keep the conversation going between the brand and the customers.
The openness in communication helps to build trust and authenticity that contribute a lot to the brand value.
Hire Based on Passion as much as Skill

The talent that you hire is the core of a fashion business. Creative ventures are fuelled by passion and the effect it has on the end products is palpable. Whether it is the fashion designers, the artisans/craftsmen you work with, the marketing and communication team, or just anyone that is a part of the brand, they become the first representatives of the brand and its work and make the brand what it is. So, value passion as much as you value skills when you hire. Value the environment that is being created within the organization as much as you value the image of the brand.

A happy place attracts a happy, well-knit community of people, both employees, and customers, who get on board the brand’s journey for the long haul.
Overall, a fashion brand’s success depends on the quality of its products, great supply-chain management, flawless inventory management, and smart financial decisions. These are very important. At the same time, that is not all. It is the values that a brand stands for, the relationships that the brand nurtures with its community, and the number of lives it impacts that become the foundation for lasting growth. Fashion brands have the responsibility to mean something rather than being places that churn out collection after collection. It is what more and more customers of today’s India expect too, and rightly so!

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