How Pandemic is Affecting the Online Sale of Lingerie

With millions of women working from home, they opted for comfort level and self-care became the new priority among all.
How Pandemic is Affecting the Online Sale of Lingerie

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a tremendous change in the online shopping behavior of Indians. There has been an unforeseen rise in the phenomenal usage of e-commerce in India ever since the pandemic stepped into our lives. Owing to the consequences of the Coronavirus, the Indian populace is diverted and satisfied in reaching out to the online category of lingerie shopping for the last year. 

How the Pandemic is Affecting the Online Sale of Lingerie

E-commerce giants are here to stay for a longer period in the Indian online market. The pandemic invited innumerable niche players to the online bandwagon to leverage from the effectively evolving market. Online shopping of lingerie is one of the fastest-growing categories which have seen an enormous amount of augmentation. 

According to reports, the Indian lingerie market reached $3 billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $6.5 billion by the year 2023. The rising middle-class population and an increasing number of financially independent women can be considered as the prime factors behind the robust growth of CAGR. Some of the major factors pushing the growth of online sale of lingerie are:  

The Changed Shopping Behavior - Lingerie shopping has come a long way; it is no more a hush-hush thing. Amidst the pandemic, the purchase of lingerie has undergone a drastic change. Today’s women do embrace their feminine features and power and as a result, they want to pamper their body curves which makes them look attractive and feel comfortable. 

Pre-pandemic, people opted for purchasing underclothes by paying a visit to the physical stores as they could look, touch and feel the products. However, due to COVID-19 and the mandatory lockdown, customers were forced to stay indoors and there was a shift in the purchasing behavior of consumers. They then preferred buying their innerwear from the e-commerce platforms that offered them varied designs at economic pricing along with doorstep delivery. 

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, physical stores were forced to remain close. Thus the prominence of online lingerie shopping came into the scenario effectively during the lockdown as most of the customers preferred shopping online to avoid any risk. Additionally, with the provision of doorstep safe deliveries of intimate apparel, consumers now prefer online shopping and are more dependent on online channels. Social media with its wide reach and increasing preference has played a vital role in tapping the target category of young and modern females and has helped in increased sales of lingerie via e-commerce platforms. 

Trends of Online Lingerie Shopping - The online method of shopping comes with various benefits like a wide variety, availability of products in different sizes, the platforms being always stocked with pieces along with offering complete information about the fabric usage, guidelines for ‘how to wash’, how to style the product, etc. The e-commerce platforms offer a wide range of bralettes, activewear, resort wear, sports bra, chemises, bodysuits, hosiery, Plus size lingerie, intimate wear, etc. for the females to choose as per their choices and requirements.  

Though there are customers who would want to visit physical stores for lingerie shopping due to the pleasing experience it provides, as they can explore the product by having the ‘real feel of the fabric’ then and there, but owing to the pandemic conditions, they are unable to step out of their homes now due to the ongoing pandemic and have to opt for online mode of shopping. The purchasing power of consumers has improved and hence the lingerie market is coming up with many varieties and categories, besides providing reasonable rates and attractive offers to lure the customers. 

A major part of the Indian crowd has shifted to the online mode of shopping during the pandemic. Throughout COVID-19 lockdown, there has been a massive growth with the increasing smartphone and internet penetration. Further, the COVID-19 disruption has changed the retail grounds in India by introducing a whole new set of trends on the table.  

Increased Tendency of Lingerie Shopping Among Men - Online aggregators are not only providing a great platform for women buyers but men as well. Men are emerging as significant buyers of women’s intimate wear. All thanks to the wedding season in many parts of the country, with the arrival of the wedding and anniversary season the online purchase of lingerie witnessed a great boom. Especially from November to March, the Indian wedding season helps online lingerie sales touch zenith. 

Pandemic Lifestyle Demands Comfort - To prevent the spread and save lives, everyone followed the ‘Stay home Stay safe’ life-saving guideline. Remaining at home all day and all night became a challenge in itself. Outside and office clothes were parked in the corners of the wardrobe, and the casual wear along with lingerie brought comfort and a ‘feel-good’ experience. Today, the innerwear segment has seen remarkable growth, all because of its stylish, comfortable, sensuous, and premium quality. 

Owing to the various health conditions, priorities, fashion, trends, and geographical conditions, online sales of lingerie increased because staying inside the home demands comfort and some fun. The privacy that brands and websites provide stands as a strong reason behind a boost in the online sale of lingerie.  

Summing up! 

The comfort zone during the pandemic was the catalyst behind rising in the online sale of lingerie. Moreover, social media helped consumers understand the importance of self-hygiene and the benefits of good quality lingerie. With millions of women working from home, they opted for comfort level and self-care became the new priority among all. While there are various stipulations that online shopping of lingerie might never be able to replace the traditional process of purchasing innerwear from the physical stores, the freedom that online lingerie shopping has to offer will indeed take sales of intimate apparel in the online medium to the next level in the times ahead. 

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