Samyukta Nair's fresh take on Multi-Genre Entrepreneurship

Fashion, design and food are distinct niches that can be the advent of great enterprises, which is exactly what Samyukta Nair has achieved with her diverse career graph. Read along to know more about her take on each of these!
Samyukta Nair’s fresh take on Multi-Genre Entrepreneurship

Food and Fashion Entrepreneur, Samyukta Nair describes her entrepreneurial skills as being unbound and constantly evolving, and outgrowing set moulds. She finds beauty in evolution and has traversed a diverse career as a multi-specialty entrepreneur with her fashion brand and restaurant chains.

Dandelion - The first entrepreneurial venture

Having always enjoyed design, Samyukta’s first venture, “Dandelion” which started out as a sleep-wear fashion brand, helped her explore her creative sensibilities while also getting back in touch with her Indian culture after being brought up abroad. The brand quickly grew into a full-fledged loungewear label that she greatly enjoys. Samyukta also says that it keeps her on her toes and she learns new and exciting things constantly. She is not someone who's bound by definition and believes that beauty of evolution is to constantly aim at outgrowing the mould created to define us not as an entrepreneur but also as a human being.

Passion for food - A plunge into the Hospitality sector

Her passion for food led her to take the plunge into the hospitality world, where she chose her ventures to build the kind of places that she herself would like to visit and dine at. Samyukta calls her London restaurants her ultimate passion and looks forward to exploring world cuisines and expanding further into the market.

Collaborations and Indian brands

With a prominent collaboration with Param for the loungewear line - Hurrah Hindustan, Samyukta revealed her vision behind expanding Dandelion, which was centered around easy contemporary styles and bright spirits while staying indoors and looking within. Their mutual love for the cause amalgamated into the collaboration with India Param Sahib, which was the perfect route to explore a new aesthetic, celebrate individualism, and metamorphosize from sleepwear to daywear gracefully. Sakshi & Kinni and MISHO are some favorite Indian brands on her radar.

Jamavar Women’s Club

Being inspired by strong women such as her mother, Madhu Nair, and her strong group of girlfriends, she set up a Women’s Club in Jamavar, which was an antidote to the Mayfair Men’s Club. While Samyukta doesn’t believe that it is necessary to have women-only meetings and conferences in the business realm, her club aims at bringing inspiring women together to share their stories, successes, and failures in a safe space that encourages dialogue.

Expansion plans

Juggling different aspects of her life, Samyukta Nair looks forward to growing unhindered. She is looking to table her first non-Indian restaurant in Mayfair by mid-year, and explore another untrodden path.


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