{CTO Special} (Bestseller India) Mapping Consumer Journey
{CTO Special} (Bestseller India) Mapping Consumer Journey

Ranjan Sharma, CIO & Head of Supply Chain, Bestseller India is an experienced leader in technology, supply chain, and e-commerce with more than 2 decades in the Retail industry.

Sharma said technology enables organizations to run operations on digital platforms, get the right insights to take appropriate decisions, automate their repeatable tasks, predict and plan for the future, and manage customers in their discovery, pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase journey. Apart from this, it also helps customers to innovate in their product journey and do a host of many more things.

But what is more important today is it just does not enable but allows organizations to create new businesses like e-commerce, social commerce, and conversational commerce and tie all of this together along with offline retail to create an omnichannel business.

“Analytics and Data Science, AI/ML, and Robotics and Automation are the three technologies that have been changing the way how we work today and create capabilities to be able to do things faster with better accuracy and do it on a repeated basis,” he explained.

Biggest Challenge in the Adoption of Technology

One of the biggest challenges, Sharma stated, has been changing people’s habit of using technology more and more to solve their daily and complex problems.

The other big challenge has been that of getting the right technology resources to be able to understand the problems on the ground, future-proof the same, and use these technologies to solve today’s problems on a sustainable basis.

Technology's Influence on the Customer Journey

Bestseller India is using technology in all areas of the customer journey. Right from product inception to personalized services and product delivery to customers and manage their post-purchase queries to improve customer experience.

“I don’t think India is lagging behind in technology awareness or availability but the adoption with a viable model is the area that we need to work upon,” asserted Sharma.

“SAP, Mircosoft, Salesforce, Google, and many more are doing some very interesting work to help Indian retail evolve and grow faster,” he added.

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