{Super SCM Makers} Honasa Consumer Limited: Keeping Consumers at the Centre
{Super SCM Makers} Honasa Consumer Limited: Keeping Consumers at the Centre

While technology is going to have a far-reaching impact on building supply chain capabilities in the coming years, Avinash Dhagat, VP, Supply Chain, Honasa Consumer Limited believes that there are three areas that are likely to see the most impact. The first is ‘suggestive decision making’, which will impact every decision-making stage in supply chain execution, with human interventions reducing with better quality analytics and outputs. The second is efficiency in operations – be it last mile, warehousing, or planning, it will be enhanced through innovative ways driven by technology and talent. Lastly, skill sets in the supply chain will evolve with more implementation and adoption of solutions.

“We have recently piloted a demand sensing approach to planning (with an AI/ML tool) and it is helping us predict and replenish our nodes better to improve availability and reactivity,” he noted.

Maintaining Efficacy

The three best practices that the company has adopted to maintain an efficient supply chain include:

  • Using data and technology to build visibility and drive daily decisions for execution. Additionally, having a strong in-house analytics team has helped in building this capability quickly and evolving quickly with the changing business requirements.
  • Keeping consumers at the center while building the supply chain.
  • Being agile in processes and capabilities. There is a certain amount of dynamicity to businesses, and having an agile mindset towards processes and networks has helped the company to manage that dynamicity efficiently.
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