Mobile Tech is Shrinking the World

Right from offering the deals to matching the prices and everything in between; mobile applications seem to be the way forward for retailers.
Mobile Tech is Shrinking the World
One can order a dress, a pizza or food of one’s choice, pay utility bills, chat, and get anything delivered at one’s doorstep just at the click of a button. Simply put, the mobile tech companies have made sure that the customers can buy anything at any hour to suit their convenience; retailers, subsequently, are continuously redesigning their services by introducing apps other than launching mobile versions of their website to directly converse with the customer. The world is shrinking and how. 
The world is buying on mobile
Last year has been tremendous, from major eCommerce players raking in a Billion Day sales, to the capital city being the fastest growing mobile traffic market ever. According to a 2014 study by – the increase in traffic is as high as 31.9 per cent on mobile as against 17.5 per cent on personal computers, although it is only limited to orders related to food.
As explained by Joginder Chhabra, Head of Market Intelligence and Consumer Insights at LG Electronics, “Currently valued at US$ 2 billion, the mobile commerce is dwelling majorly on about 25 million 3G subscribers, 950 million mobile subscribers, and around 70 million of those who use Internet on mobile.” He cited examples such as secure payments, data connection IVR, sophistication of mobile shopping capabilities of smart-phones among the main factors behind the increased mobile shopping behaviour.
As per the Quarter-3 results released by Domino’s Pizza, there were about 2.3 million downloads of mobile ordering apps across various smart-phones. Not just that, the average Online Ordering (OLO) contribution to delivery sales in Q3FY15 was a staggering 27 per cent, and Mobile Ordering sales contribution to overall OLO was around 21 per cent during the quarter. “The customers are now a lot more comfortable ordering from their phone. The smartphones are no longer limited to just research.” 
“Eighty five per cent of Voonik orders are coming from smartphones and this percentage has accelerated a lot in the second half of 2014. This year will be a key year where we will see a good number of retailers de-prioritise their desktop site and will be focusing solely on mobile,” said Sujayath Ali, Co-founder and CEO at, an online personal stylist.   
Mobile Tech Players and Retailers
Are mobile technology players able to synthesise retailers’ multi-channel presence through technology? “The catch is in trying to break the limitation barrier of dependency on a single platform, device or technology without any compatible issues related to screen size or browser, device disk limitation and purchase-sale in a single common environment. The solution lies in an app programme that provides end-to-end solutions using the concept of hybrid public cloud technology and virtual computing,” said Viraat Kothare, Founder, Deluxe Elite Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, highlighting the need to work on accessibility, engagement and interactivity.
“The use of Big Data Analytics to personalise and enable effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies seems to be the way forward,” said Anubhav Sonthalia, Co-Founder and COO, Sokrati, an ad technology and analytics company. “Mobile technology players are already using interesting sensor data from the phones (like Gyrometre, GPS positioning, click-product affinity) and creating context-aware technology. For example, discounting messages sent based on proximity to a store, product data that is pushed when people enter a mall, or brand discounts based on recent surfing behaviour online. The most immediate area of opportunity, however, is in making the online and offline connect to determine and push the ‘research queries’ online and drive them to offline stores,” he added.
With mobile applications being downloaded every fraction of a second to make interactions with retailers easier, mobile tech companies will ensure amends 
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