How the Pandemic has Impacted Consumer Behavior
How the Pandemic has Impacted Consumer Behavior

Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire world to the core with our foundation and structure crumbling down under immense pressure. Other than the physical aspects and implications of the pandemic on the population, there was a distinguished mental change in the outlook and perception as well.

With the disease wreaking havoc manifolds all over the world, a conscious shift in choices, decisions, and analysis was felt wherein, the focus on well-being and health drastically changed. This shift brought with it a positive change in terms of safety and health being of paramount importance and people consciously shifting towards a healthier, greener and purer alternative to everything, be it food, clothing, the shopping process, or their morning coffee!

With this sudden frenzy around well-being, the need and demand for pure, natural, ethical, and safe brands have been brimming, with consumers ready to pay a higher price in order to indulge in more natural alternatives. 

We, at OneGreen have surely felt the spike in the aforementioned demand given the 300 percent month-on-month growth that we have been witnessing since the time we launched. 

Other than the consumers, the brands have also witnessed this sudden switch in the market space which has stipulated a change in their product category as well as production, packaging, and sourcing processes. Due to the constant questioning about the brand ethos, carbon footprint, sourcing methods, and much more, the brands have been forced to issue a much greater sense of transparency and the need for repositioning their stance in a greener world has been on the rise. 

The phrase, ‘you are what you eat’, has never held greater semblance than what it does in the current times. As the need for fitness and immunity building has been rising like never before, a switch in healthier eating habits was an obvious phenomenon that occurred. In addition to parents seeking safe and natural plastic-free toys for their kids from pre-pandemic times, there has also been a growing worry and despair in parents to ensure that their children are indulging in healthier eating habits because of which they are ready to part with a higher price if it means a more natural and pure choice. 

One extremely instrumental shift that the pandemic has brought forth is the necessary transfer from a physical shopping experience to that of a digital/ online one. Convenience is the key in today’s ever-changing world and there can never be enough of it! 

With horizontal marketplaces, like the one we provide, the entire shopping experience has become easier, hassle-free, and can be undertaken in the comfort of one’s home. More and more people have been transitioning towards this digital medium and have gladly been accepting the comfortable change that has been bestowed upon them. 

However, online shopping has also made it even more important for brands to divulge and attain full exposure about the product as there is no physical connection between the seller and buyer. This anonymity makes it crucial to curate and expand as much information as one can about their product and its features, to the best of their abilities. 

In our opinion, ‘OneGreenIndex’, our in-house verification tool is highly beneficial for the consumers as it is representative of the authenticity, purity, and safety of a product, thus, preventing them from pressing too deeply about the origins of a particular item. 

Lastly, there has been a paradigm shift in people’s perception wherein, they have been trying to achieve a balance between their home and work life. Therefore, this balance has given way to numerous forms of home workouts ranging from yoga to pilates, running, and many more. 

The pandemic has unquestionably changed the face of the planet and the atrocities have been innumerable. However, it has also led to a bright and positive change in the way people have been living and making choices, which are sure, greener, cleaner, healthier and purer now!

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