Indian SMBs Tap into WhatsApp's Powerful Features to Win Customers and Fast-track Sales
Indian SMBs Tap into WhatsApp's Powerful Features to Win Customers and Fast-track Sales

As the post-pandemic world gets more digital, customers expect immediacy like never before. They prefer communicating over a channel where they get a resolution to their queries right away. Starting from their day-to-day grocery items to their various apparel, shoes, jewelry, electronics, etc., all they expect is a contactless and hassle-free shopping experience. 

Let’s look at some numbers that further prove Indian brands are winning at customer support, marketing, and sales with WhatsApp. In a recent study, about 84 percent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India shared that WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers, while 80 percent of them said that WhatsApp helps them grow their business. 

So, considering the numbers stated above and the growing customer expectations, it is clear that WhatsApp is not just a casual chatting app, but also a powerful platform for business communications and sales enablement. After WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp Business API has brought game-changing growth for local store owners, small businesses, and Indian D2C brands. Today, e-commerce brands of all sizes and across different verticals are leveraging WhatsApp API via providers like Interakt to sell and support their customers.

Indian SMBs Tap into WhatsApp’s Powerful Features to Win Customers and Fast-track Sales

So, be it a local retail store or a growing D2C brand, WhatsApp Business platforms help businesses communicate with customers for product inquiries, customer care, alerts, and notifications, assisted sales, and much more. 

Indian SMBs Tap into WhatsApp’s Powerful Features to Win Customers and Fast-track Sales

Interakt, a Jio Haptik company, is built on the official WhatsApp Business API, helping more than 2,000+ D2C brands take their sales graph to the next level. The core idea behind this innovation was to enable businesses to use WhatsApp as a one-stop solution from lead generation to conversion to post-sales support. And today, Interakt is at the forefront of conversational commerce helping SMBs promote their offerings, boost sales, and support customers at scale which was just a pipe dream with the conventional channels like - emails, SMSes, and telecommunication. 

How do Brands Leverage WhatsApp?

Indian SMBs Tap into WhatsApp’s Powerful Features to Win Customers and Fast-track Sales

One of the recently featured brands on The Shark Tank India, The State Plate, noticed that a lot of its customers wanted assistance during the pre-purchase phase. This involved answering questions about the food ingredients, shipping, delivery, and more. The resulting constant back and forth over emails were not just tiring and unsatisfactory for the customers, but also tedious for the brand’s customer support team. It led to an increase in the query resolution period which further resulted in customers abandoning the carts or having a bad shopping experience. With Interakt’s smart WhatsApp Automation feature, the brand was able to scale up its customer support and turned most of its conversations into conversions. Not only this but since the implementation, their customer support team has been able to resolve 1.5X more queries. 

Similarly, Anita, a local grocery store owner from Kolkata uses WhatsApp Business API to create brand recall. She said that people who have shopped at the store earlier often need a nudge to visit the store again and make a purchase. With the growing competition, businesses should try not to become out of sight, out of the mind of their customers. Anita used to send automated notifications to her customers for the best deals and promotions, and immediately respond to their queries using the WhatsApp Business platform. This has been a very successful practice for Anita as the customers would see the notification and place the order directly on WhatsApp, leading to a 15 percent growth in repeat purchases for her store.

This is an example of a leading Indian fashion brand, Purple Panchi, realizing that a lot of its customers preferred WhatsApp for primary communication. With Interakt, they were able to share their product catalog via auto-replies at scale with minimum agent involvement. As a result, the brand started generating 8 percent of its monthly revenue from WhatsApp itself. Additionally, the launch of the commerce feature enabled them to take orders on WhatsApp and convert them into Shopify carts for faster checkouts. Also, it has been observed that the automated and personalized cart recovery notifications helped Purple Panchi bring back their customers to the website and close sales.

Today, there are thousands of other D2C brands like Okhai, Portronics, Shumee, Bunai, etc., that are leveraging WhatsApp for conversational commerce and contactless shopping. 

While discussing how Interakt is transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers, Ahshad Jussawala, VP & Business Head at Interakt said, “Interakt is designed to deliver an end-to-end sales-support experience to customers on WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp Business solution can be easily integrated with Shopify and other popular e-stores, CRMs, ad platforms, business apps, etc, making it the only full-stack solution available for SMBs in the market today.”

If you are in the market for a platform that can streamline your business operations without putting a heavy dent in your bank balance, you should give Interakt a try. Sign up for its 14-day free trial and see how its WhatsApp Business API platform propels your business to the top!

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