A countdown of Top POS trends

POS system saves money, provides productivity gains, increases efficiency and accuracy in database, and saves time that one can utilise on business
POS system

Switching from a traditional cash register to a computerised POS system is a tad too difficult a task –there are many factors to consider and some pitfalls to avoid. However, one cannot ignore the Return on Investment (ROI) and benefits to the business that can really make it worth your time and effort.


POS system saves money, provides productivity gains, increases efficiency and accuracy in database, and saves time that one can utilise on business. So you spend less time in return of more productivity. Every organised retailer who is going for POS should read the following to know what it constitutes.



  • Touch screens: Touch screens score high on the list of organised and big retailers
  • LCD displays: Customer- facing LCD displays are very rampant for enhanced image and information
  • Pin-pads: For better customer services and greater security
  • Signature capturing devices: For fast processing and better security
  • RFID printers, RFID scanners and mobile POS terminals are at the top of list
  • Mobile bill printer
  • Bar code scanner


  • Maintains integration between disparate apps, or complimentary applications to your e-commerce system, supplier and customer
  • Direct integration with processors
  • Direct loyalty points integration: Personalised marketing is gaining momentum and customer loyalty software programmes are becoming fully integrated to the point that the cashier can sign up and register new customers for in-house loyalty programmes in just a minute or two. The same applications remind customers of the numbers of loyalty programmes they have on every receipt they receive from the store.

Top POS peripherals

  • Encrypted card readers minimise security threats by encrypting customer information and account data. Helps in achieving PCI DSS compliance
  • Digital signage is a cost effective and new generation of interactive solution. A digital signage helps allows the retailer to maintain in store communications with customers. The innovative digital signage solutions help retailers with strategic ways to draw in new customers and maintain old customers.

 Technologies in demand

  • Self service through multiple self checkout lanes to at the grocery to mobile POS and line busting many applications are becoming mobile
  • Kiosks are gaining toehold within the retail setting
  • Gift registry is being replaced by relevant hardware


Customer is constantly seeking more information about the products they consume and want to make purchase decisions easily and quickly. Top in demand technologies increase product awareness reviews, price comparisons and related items.   


Ateeb Hussain, Manager, Timberland shares, “ We are using Retail PRO, which informs us of the inventory , sales, bills etc.  It simplifies work by informing of the stock, data, what is coming, what is going out, which are high sellers, which are low sellers, etc. It also reflects loyalty point”. He further adds that like every technology it too has its drawbacks like loss of data or server breakdown but then there is back up and security fom Reliance. The benefits outweighs losses and it is one of the best thing to happen to modern trade.

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