How Logistics Tech Makes 15-30 Mins Express Deliveries a Reality
How Logistics Tech Makes 15-30 Mins Express Deliveries a Reality

Ran out of groceries for cooking dinner, or forgot to order your favorite fruit for your morning run? Express doorstep deliveries (within 15-30 minutes) are quickly becoming the norm in the post-pandemic world.

Right from groceries to urgent supplies, super-fast deliveries by ‘quick commerce’ apps is not just another trend, but a growing customer expectation. In a survey conducted by community social media platform LocalCircles, about a quarter of the 10,000+ households reported using quick commerce apps to acquire their daily necessities.

The trend is gaining steam in India in a big way as the space is already seeing cut-throat competition. Companies like Swiggy, Zepto, and Blinkit (formerly known as Grofers), are positioning ‘super-fast within 15 minutes’ as their latest delivery offering. 

While it all may seem very lucrative, the on-demand delivery business is complex and riddled with challenges. One also has to factor in inventory availability, packaging, on-time resource allocation, delivery route schedules, traffic conditions, and so on, all while keeping costs in check.

So the question arises: How can deliveries be made within 15-30 minutes despite these steep challenges?

The answer is simple: With technology. Organizations are increasingly using advanced algorithms powered by AI, machine learning, data, and intuitive analytics to predict order time and volumes, assign delivery executives, plan routes for speedy deliveries, and provide unmatched customer delight.

How does technology do all this heavy lifting? 

Customer address verification, validation, and delivery route optimization

This is the first must-have to make successful deliveries. Because if addresses and routes on-ground are unclear and confusing, it often leads to delays, especially as the number of orders continues to grow. Features such as smart geocoding and location intelligence act as enablers of seamless deliveries. They verify, validate and map the addresses to improve the precision and reliability of deliveries.

AI-enabled delivery route planning plays the most important role in the last mile of any supply chain operation.  When it comes to making deliveries within an hour, every minute counts. Logistics managers are increasingly relying on these technologies on creating optimal delivery routes that consider real-world constraints such as traffic congestion, weather conditions, and even customers’ time-slot preferences. The result? A visible reduction in overall fuel costs and time taken in last-mile deliveries, and more deliveries made by each rider.

Finally, intuitive analytics dashboards automatically source on-ground data and performance metrics across planning, execution, and other stages to create engaging visual representations. This makes it really easy to identify performance gaps or course correct if needed.

Automated dispatch, smart resource planning, and real-time visibility

The timely availability of resources for super express deliveries is a challenge. Along with that, poor visibility makes fair task allocation a challenge among riders.

AnAI-enabled dispatching software plans daily, hourly and on-demand order dispatches in a fraction of the time done manually. It also allows managers to allocate delivery tasks based on rider preferences such as work timings, service areas of choice, availability, and proximity to the end customer, and so on.

Today’s customer wants end-to-end visibility on the order placed until it is delivered to their doorstep. At the same time, logistics managers want to keep a close eye on the delivery to ensure service level agreements are met.

Last-mile visibility tools allow managers to monitor ongoing delivery tasks in real-time and take corrective measures in case of any issues. It also allows customers to track their orders and be aware of who’s handling the order and whether it’s reaching them on time.


Whether it is providing great products at low prices or offering deliveries within 15-30 minutes, providing customer delight is and should be a priority for all supermarkets and hyperlocal delivery businesses. The right use of logistics tech for the last mile can streamline and optimize your delivery planning and execution, speed up deliveries, improve customer experience significantly and help make you a champion in your market!

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