How Do Brands Need to Evolve Their Strategies to Stay Relevant
How Do Brands Need to Evolve Their Strategies to Stay Relevant

Staying relevant has become a key success factor for brands to connect with their audience. It is the very essence of continuous thinking as to what would be apt at that point in time, to have created some of the most memorable campaigns, which etch deeply in the hearts of the consumers. 

For a brand it is necessary to continuously evolve in thinking and doing things differently each time so that the brand name, especially its products, connect with consumers and are relevant all the time. When a brand represents more than a product and service one buys, it starts forming an opinion in consumers' subconscious minds and thus becomes an integral part of consumers' lives. 

Here are a few ways to keep the brand relevant citing the case study of Samsonite upholding its marketing communications perspective: 

Social Message - Brands have the power to speak out about an important social issue or a cause, however, it needs to be authentic. In case the matter is not authentic, the brand may stand a chance of alienating the consumers. Samsonite is working hard to minimize climate change impact and has set clear goals in carbon reduction as well as contributing to cleaning up the environment by using more types of recycled materials. Samsonite's eco-sustainability campaign, Kerala Is Open campaign, etc. are truly examples of branded content that consumers like to see, read and share

Topical Message - Topical content is huge, especially how memes are being used by marketers nowadays. Leveraging the event with lasting impact, only a few brands can do it. Samsonite has managed to put a creative spin on the most cluttered events like Lok Sabha Elections and Diwali at a broader level through its Ek Din Ki Chutti campaign urging voters to do their duty than just exercising a right and Diwali Ka Safar campaign urging everyone to show gratitude and respect towards community because of whom we can be with our loved one’s as in this case, it's their duty over India's biggest festival. The campaign highlighted the importance of gratitude and respect towards this community and thus it helped the brand in resonating with consumers.

Human Connection - Consumers are the people. Brands that can connect with them, and strike an emotional chord stay longer in their mind. Whether it is a social or topical campaign, Samsonite has managed to capture a deeper understanding of people, their behavior, and trends and found the winning insight on all the above campaigns which could have a wider acceptance and people own the thought as their own

True to the Brand’s Truth, Being Authentic - Samsonite is the global leader consistently for over 110 years now. The brand wants to make consumers' travel journeys easy and comfortable. It has been innovating over the years and has been the first to introduce many of the path-breaking features to provide the most durable and lightweight products to the consumers 

As the brand stands for durability, functionality, and reliability, thus providing high-quality standards to consumers, our Push the Limit and Tested Like Samsonite campaigns are proof of how the brand delivers on product promise. These campaigns can appeal to both, the right side, and the left side of the brain.

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