How Earth Essence is Innovating to Create Clean and Vegan Personal Care Products
How Earth Essence is Innovating to Create Clean and Vegan Personal Care Products

Imagine a world where our beauty and personal care routine is directed and governed by synthetic products cleverly camouflaged as the need of the capitalistic hour. Imagine a scenario where our personal care is blindly surrendered to the hands of synthetic ingredients, and our very body and health readily succumb to the ever-expanding realm of noxious chemicals and obnoxious ignorance. Is it anywhere close to the pleasant life these products guarantee? Does it, in any way, reflect the beauty and personal care these fast-selling products brand themselves on? 

To turn the negating answer into an assertive reality, Ashish Kampani launched Earth Essence. With the advent of synthetic chemicals infusing our body, the purity that our 100 percent pure and natural products offer is the need of the hour. 

“Our products vouch for a more harmless personal care, a totally reliable beauty routine, and a purer shift to cosmetics. Earth Essence is the solace you need to get away from the destructive world of synthetics to unison with nature,” he asserted.

“The idea behind introducing the brand is to be the brand that will free the planet and the consumer of harmful toxins cleverly camouflaged in personal care products and give the consumer an honestly natural and organic alternative,” he further added.

The brand is betting big on hair and skincare as the category is the most common category which we use in our daily routine, regardless of age, sex, or demographics we all indulge in some or the other form under this category.

“The fact that we are here to clean up the act of personal care industry by using innovation and nature to create clean, green, and pure organic products gives us the conviction that we can pull this off, most of the brands are Green Washing the consumers and blatantly pedaling lies and false claims, whereas, we are here to deliver on our promises without any greenwashing or lies or false claims,” he explained.

“We are not here just to sell our products to the consumers, we are here to gain their trust,” he further added.

Retail Strategy

The last few years have changed the way brands retail and market most of their products. It is the digital era driven by social media and online stores, hence, Earth Essence’s retail strategy is in lieu of the latest trend by exploring social media to showcase and market its products to the world. 

“To begin with, we will put our products online with our own store and various marketplaces making use of influencers and exploring the network of social media. And as of now, we want our focus to strengthen on our online channel and create a seamless, hassle-free, and quick experience for all our visitors and consumers,” he explained.

Technology: The Soul of Brand

Technology is an integral and consistent part of a brand’s system as it has been using it right from its research and development stages to formulating, production, packaging, and now even distributing and selling.

“Apart from this, innovation is the soul of our existence. Our efforts and hard work have helped us innovate one of the cleanest, greenest, and safest brands which are 100 percent pure and natural, Vegan, free from all synthetic and harmful chemicals, and free of all colors and fragrances,” he asserted.

Future Plans

The brand is bootstrapped to date, but it intends to raise the first round of funding soon which will be deployed mainly for inventory, advertising and marketing, market penetration, and working capital.

“Going ahead, we plan to grow from D2C channel to other various forms of retailing and marketing channels, mainly in modern trade, and increase our distribution network pan India,” he asserted.

“We also see ourselves at the pinnacle of innovating the best products in our space while continuing to be the cleanest, greenest, and safest brand which delivers what it promises, raising the bar in whatever we do with utmost passion and dedication. We also hope to have the same footprint in various countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa, North, and South America,” he concluded.

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