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How online commerce is getting bigger beyond E-Retail?

B2B segment involved in buying and selling of goods and services is leveraging the expansion of online commerce to reduce its business cost in addition to the other precious resources

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How online commerce is getting bigger beyond E-Retail?

The consumers of the present day world enjoy huge comfort in ordering their favorite stuff online with a click and getting it delivered right to their doorsteps at zero cost. Therefore, more and more businesses are taking due care to make all the arrangements to pamper their tech-savvy customers in a digitally smart way so as to earn their patronage for a longer period of time. This trend is seeing an extension in the B2B domain as well with a scope that is interesting to explore and understand in good detail.    

Today, the term e-retail in India, unlike the past few decades, is seen expanding its wings to meet the expectations of every buyer and seller who is not just from the B2C but B2B domain as well.

In the yesteryears, the business persons were restricted for the choices and required to put in the extra effort to arrange for the smooth execution of the business processes such as buying the essential products, transporting them to the destination and paying for the same. With the advent of e-distribution platforms, it has now become much easier for them to perform all these mundane tasks with least cost and higher comfort quotient.

No doubt that the B2B segment involved in buying and selling of goods and services is leveraging the expansion of online commerce to reduce its business cost in addition to the other precious resources i.e., time and energy that can be well-utilised in several other important tasks.  

New concepts making way for a better experience

Given to the growth of online commerce, these days, new concepts like Experience Zones are also evolving fast to attract more bulk buyers in the B2B domain. In fact, the e-distribution platform for bulk buying, selling for brands, retailers, wholesalers and corporate companies—, has been regarded as the pioneer of the concept in the Indian market.

These Experience Zones proffer an opportunity to its customers to experience the real products before buying them so as to mitigate all their doubts about the product they are interested in. What more? These Zones even possess the ability to empower manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers who are otherwise fragmented in the diversified physical market and bring them under one technology platform to conduct transactions more efficiently than conventional systems.

Thus, it goes without saying that with the development and implementation of such concepts in the market that is bustled with plethora types of customers with specific requirements, it will definitely become less tedious to decipher the coded behavior of the buyers out there.

To conclude

There is no doubt that online commerce is growing beyond e-retail processes in multiple ways. The former is adapting itself well to enable the bulk consumers in the B2B sector to buy and sell the quality stuff in a digitally smart, safe and convenient way. No doubt that the B2B e-commerce platforms are providing seamless omnichannel capabilities, excellent customer experiences, higher-quality service, rich personalisation and ease of doing business to its customers. 

However, at a time when B2B e-commerce market is gradually maturing across the world, the trend is still at a nascent stage in India. But this is presenting an opportunity in disguise as there is still huge scope for growth for the segment.


The article has been penned down by Yogesh Bhatia, Founder,



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