Recruitment practices for brands and businesses post-pandemic
Recruitment practices for brands and businesses post-pandemic

Recruitment is inherently one of the most fundamental activities for a business organization. From the policy-making to the discipline obtained in the organization, everything depends on the kind of talent that is hired. During the pandemic, many companies had to let go of a part of the workforce due to unavoidable circumstances. However, things are pacing up now! There is no better time to increase the workforce than through this pandemic because there have been thousands of employees who have lost their jobs and this is a golden opportunity for them as well to give their best shot towards these tests and the interviews.

Here are some guidelines that brands and businesses may follow while refueling their most important resource:

- Re-hiring the most productive employees: Some researches show that at least 30% of the workforce should be rehired post-pandemic for smooth transitions

- Digital mindset: B2C businesses should focus on the workforce that is digitally inclined since customers have shifted to online platforms and this can be an opportunity to tap into new markets for many firms

- Cost-cutting: Situations are still uncertain and businesses should think twice before investing in any resource! Human resources can be a costly investment and flexible payment terms such as performance-based compensation could prove to be a necessary evil in difficult times.

- Versatile: Recruiting flexible and dynamic employees is one lesson that this pandemic has definitely taught us. A young and energetic pool that is keen to explore various options that might come in handy while going through transitions.

- Discipline and hard work: Smart work, is indeed, sometimes overvalued. Some geeks and nerds are required for your organization to work in the full potential!

Recruitment, however, is challenging right now, especially since potential employees may not be willing to travel for face-to-face interviews. Most of the companies have thus, adopted the online way of recruiting persons at their place. There is various virtual assessment centre through which the employees are assessed after a specific number of tasks have been performed by them.

The entire process has been moved online. Employers have to register themselves on the website of the company. They are provided with a particular date on which their test will be taken. Candidates are also required to submit some of the necessary documents which include Adhar Card, PAN card, and ID proof as per the policy of the company. A specific date will be provided to them on which the test taker has to appear. Since the whole process has been move online which has led to a decrease in time taken to conduct various interviews and tests. The cost incurred by the companies has also been reduced.

Following are some of the benefits of virtual assessment centers which has made thousands of companies to adapt to the changing technology:

- Convenience: This change has brought some of the major convenience to the companies in the process of recruitment.

- Time-saving: A lot of time which was incurred to visit the company office and recruiter in person has been deducted which has also reduced the cost which was incurred earlier.

- Geographical benefit: People can access the tests from anywhere leading to a better pool of employees at a  reduced cost.

- Environment friendly: This process has been extremely environment friendly because every task has been performed online which creates paperless transactions.

- Effective: It has been observed that this software is much more effective to determine the kind of person which has to be selected as an employee because they even determine the right person for the right position in the job.

- Easy to use: This software is very easy and convenient to use which makes it understandable to the common man.

Most companies have adopted this technology. There are thousands of test which help to determine the skill level of the person along with the right person for the job. Various practice tests are also included for candidates that do come with subscription fees in most of the cases. These mock tests help the person to determine the level of competition and kind of aura in the online tests. The software also has a unique feature to guide the test-takers in the specific areas which require improvement Customizable options are also provided to the companies through which they can ask with their own set of questions. The results for the same are also provided immediately which makes it a quick and efficient process.

The process of recruitment was never so easy until now. This has been one of the quickest and most efficient methods to recruit employees. The process of assessment was previously done through human manpower but with rapid advancement in technology, within few minutes the results for thousands of test-takers have been announced without depending upon any geographical location and the cost incurred for the same is also a one-time investment.

There have been reviews and feedbacks from thousands of companies who have been satisfied through this software. They have been able to select efficient as well as productive employees who have led to the growth of their companies and increased their profits by huge margins.

To conclude the above discussion, most of the companies have adopted to the changing technology which has made the process of recruitment even much simpler. Especially under such a pandemic, it has become very difficult for the test takers to visit the centers and get themselves selected. Hence, it is a matter of much more convenience for the companies as well as the candidates to move to such advancement which is feasible as well as user friendly.


This article is written by Saksham Khandelwal.

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