Bejewelled with blossoms
Bejewelled with blossoms

Floral jewellery gained much recognition after Aishwarya Rai wore it for one of her wedding ceremonies but it is just not her in the glam list to carry off floral jewellery. It was Sonia Gandhi! But now the trend is not just for them its something for everyone! But is access to it an easy task??  

What is floral jewellery about?
Floral jewellery refers to jewellery pieces made out of fresh flowers. These can be necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, matha patis, waist belts etc. A compilation of all gives a wholesome look. The concept of floral jewellery is not a new one it’s just that the aesthetics have changed. Floral jewellery today is much more elegant andwell designed then what you would have found a few years back. 

Ferns N Petals masters this concept in organised retail. Meeta Gutgutia, Director, FNP tells, “Ferns N Petals has a special the creative team which with their aesthetic sense and innovative ideas design beautiful floral jewellery under the brand FNP Flori.” She further tells, “Floral jewellery is a delicate and decorative floral craft which can be transformed into designer thematic floral art jewellery studded with precious or semi-precious stones that matches the outfits of the customer.” 

Floral jewellery is a concept which has yet not been tapped by a lot of players. Even at the unorganised level, it does not form a significant part of retail. Precision and designing are the pre requisites to get this business going. Getting skilled labour and training them further will help develop this category of retail. As there are not many players who are a part of this industry, it poses great opportunities especially for those retail players who are already a part of the flower business.  

Flowers and stones widely used
As the name suggests, floral jewellery is made of flowers but there are certain categories of flowers that lift up the look of the jewellery that is made. Roses, 

blossoms and varieties of orchids are a few options that are best for creating this nature of jewellery. Gutgutia tells, “For floral jewellery artificial flowers like Oncidium Orchid, Peach blossoms or Mocharo orchids are used most as these are small flowers and can be used for the purpose. Berries are also used at times but as they are stiff they are not preferred.” 

The beads and stones used can be of the customer’s choice which can be matched with the outfits. Precious stones and even Swarovski can also be used as per the customers will. The chains and caps are usually in sterling silver.  

As other than flowers, crystals and precious stones or semi-precious stones are also used for floral jewellery, the cost varies with personal choice. The price range starts from mere Rs 500 and goes up to the limit of Rs10,000 or even more. The price may increase further depending upon the quality and price of stones which is used for the floral jewellery.  

So if the idea rings a bell in your mind, then you must go ahead and also pick on the benefits of being among the first few to tap this retail segment.  

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