Empowering HR in retail business

Mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) is one such smart tool which empowers HR professionals to drive SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result Oriented and Time Bound).
HR in retail

By-Sathish Kannan- Executive Vice President Operations in WINIT

Large organizations look at the Human Resource Department (HR) to partner business. Partnering business is incomplete unless one has the right tools to drive the larger business objectives for the organization. One of the key tasks for HR business partners is career planning and progression which many times become subjective in the absence of a tool which is objective.

Mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) is one such smart tool which empowers HR professionals to drive SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result Oriented and Time Bound).   

Below are four key ways how mSFA helps HR drive performance management of employees in retail/ FMCG companies:

 · Performance tracking and Monitoring: mSFA helps to monitor performance against targets objectively. Target setting is far more scientific and set around aspects of sales and distribution parameters influencing output. mSFA also allows business leaders to set targets around critical KPIs without any subjectivity that could creep in due to lack of transparency in measurement. The tool helps track and drive incentives on a real-time basis; this feature of real-time tracking helps sales team to run the extra mile to meet/ over-achieve targets thereby helping the organization reach lofty goals.

For example an FMCG company is launching a new shampoo in the market where, the time frame to make the product available in a specific city, let’s say, 30,000 general stores is 30 days. In such a situation, it becomes extremely important to measure the product reach by the day. The solution helps measure and monitor placement by the shop and subsequent off take by sales person and it does all this in real time as salespeople are executing on the field.

· Training and Developmental needs: Supervisory solution offerings through mSFA enable supervisors to carry out structured market working with each salesperson. Structured market working helps identify training needs and thereof objective training programs are executed to meet relevant needs which help drive productivity leading to better ROI. Training effectiveness can be measured driving ROI and ROE.

 · Career planning and progression: Objective performance measurement through mSFA helps identify right people for the right jobs (Talent fitment) leading to better employee motivation/ morale, reduced lead time for hiring and above all speed of execution. Sales Force Automation also helps in identifying and segmenting markets basis strengths and opportunity which can be used to identify the right resources for the right markets.

 · Improved organizational performance: Structured market working, objective based target setting, input based approach to drive output, analytics and real-time based dashboards lead to better insights, leading organizations to perform better on financials in a highly competitive market. Effective mSFA implementation empowers and guides salespeople to execute better, Sell Better and Sell More, thus driving the organisation towards its sales and distribution goals and profitability.


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