How to boost E-Commerce Sales with Digital Marketing?
How to boost E-Commerce Sales with Digital Marketing?

The global e-commerce market is set to cross the 2 trillion USD threshold, with an impressive sales figure of $667 billion in 2019 as per reports. These numbers stand testament to the fact that the e-commerce industry is massive and will continue to expand in the near future.

In today’s era, brick and mortar stores have become mere shadows of their glorious pasts. There has been a drastic change in the mindset of people with the advancements in the E-commerce landscape. Now, people prefer omnichannel marketing or as I’d like to call it - internet shopping. People spend more time shopping online as it provides them a quick, seamless experience from anywhere using just a mobile device or desktop. 

With the rise in internet shopping in recent years, how can E-commerce players reap maximum rewards?

I’d say Digital Marketing is your best bet.

I've listed a few simple tactics which I feel can get you 10x sales with minimal budget and digital marketing efforts.

  • Paid Traffic - You might be wondering that paid traffic is an expensive affair, but it’s one of the quickest ways to generate e-commerce sales. Paid traffic can take your business to the next level, provided you use your paid campaigns wisely; make sure you spend a small amount at a time and try to get maximum ROI out of it. It’s important not to spend your entire budget on one single ad variation, rather use multiple ad campaigns and ad variations; By doing this you will get more traffic. Closely monitor the ads which are getting you to the desired results. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your paid campaigns, get your targeting right and ensure your ads reach the right people to drive more sales.
  • Share 10x Content – "Content is king" is a phrase marketers often swear by. Content marketing can contribute immensely to the success of your business. Provide the best content to your users on your social channels, understand your customers' needs, curate content that resonates with your customers and engage your customers more often than not on social channels. It takes time, but when done correctly, it can not only earn customer loyalty but also improve sales and brand visibility.  
  •  Explore Guest Blogging – The best way to attract a potential customer is to write on websites where they are most likely to be present and portals that they consider credible. Guest blogging is one of the best inbound marketing strategies that has proven to be successful for the B2B niche as well. Guest blogging not only drives traffic but drives a lot of revenue.
  •  Implement Remarketing Strategy – Your goal with remarketing is to get users to visit your website and to convert them into customers the next time they stop by. Sounds easy, but takes a smart brain to implement it successfully. Things take time and you can't expect stratospheric results from the get-go. But if you’re looking at more conversions then look no further than remarketing. You can make use of Google Ads, Facebook ads or LinkedIn for remarketing. E-commerce websites often make the most of remarketing. E-com brands use pixels on their website and these pixels follow the users no matter which website they are on. This ensures that the brand's offerings are always in the customer's line of sight, thus encouraging them to buy their products or services 
  • Implement Email Marketing Hacks- Not every person who visits your website is going to purchase your product. There may be numerous reasons for this. This is where Email Marketing comes into place. With this strategy, you can reach out to potential customers who have abandoned their cart before making their purchase. You can email a customer who has abandoned their cart and try re-engaging/persuading them to complete the transaction. Besides email marketing, optimizing your checkout pages ensures that fewer people are likely to abandon your page.
  • Set up an Instagram storefront - If you are not utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Instagram is one of the effective social media platforms for any business and even more so for E-commerce companies to sell their products. With visually appealing imagery and a host of easy-to-use editing tools, it’s very popular amongst the millennials. Instagram has roughly one billion users according to the latest stats. An increasing number of users purchase products from Instagram and the platform is turning out to be an unexpected source of organic sales. Ensure you add a link below the bio on your brand’s Instagram page, to take the users directly to the shopping page. By doing this, you can improve direct sales without spending much on advertising. 

There is no stopping the e-commerce juggernaut and there's no doubt it will continue to grow exponentially. I hope these useful hacks come in handy to skyrocket your E-commerce sales.

The article has been penned down by Pradeep Kumaar, CEO Neil Patel Digital India


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