ETUDE's Symphony: A Harmonious Journey through India's Retail Landscape
ETUDE's Symphony: A Harmonious Journey through India's Retail Landscape

Established in 1985, ETUDE is the leading K-Beauty makeup brand renowned for its adorable and girly charm. Dedicated to fulfilling women's dreams of beautiful transformations akin to a princess, ETUDE embarked on its international journey in 2007, debuting in Thailand. With a mission to propagate a 'playful makeup culture and look,' the brand has expanded its presence across Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, and India, offering a delightful range of products designed to accentuate individual beauty with style and flair.

ETUDE emerged as a brand committed to transforming makeup routines into a delightful symphony, blending skincare with vibrant colors. The brand's ethos was rooted in the belief that every woman possesses her unique beauty rhythm.

Global Expansion

As the brand captivated hearts across Asia, the brand set its sights on a global stage. In 2019, ETUDE entered the Indian market, a diverse canvas waiting to be painted with the brand's enchanting colors.

ETUDE made its grand entrance into India, with its first flagship store opening its doors in Mumbai, creating a buzz among makeup enthusiasts. The blend of Korean skincare innovations and trendy makeup resonated with the Indian audience, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Product Localization

Understanding the nuances of the Indian beauty landscape, ETUDE swiftly adapted its product offerings. "ETUDE in India we launched in 2019, so it’s been 4 years and I would say the trend for ETUDE is building, year on year," notes Mini Sood Banerjee, Head of Marketing at Amorepacific. "There has been a lot of demand, especially coming from Gen-Z and millennials, young professionals who love ETUDE products in that manner. First of all, it's very multi-tasking product, like our tint can be used for multiple purposes, and these days Gen-Z demands that kind of product. And we have seen an uptrend, wherein we can see growing demand among Indian consumers."

However, the brand’s crescendo in India was orchestrated through a strategic retail expansion plan. The brand strategically nestled its stores in prime locations within bustling malls, ensuring accessibility for makeup enthusiasts across the country. With vibrant displays and knowledgeable beauty advisors, ETUDE's retail spaces became a haven for those seeking a harmonious beauty experience.

Signature Products

ETUDE's repertoire of products became the talk of the town, with each item telling a unique story. "The best working products in India are the ETUDE tints; fixing tints are trending right now and bringing in good sales for us," shares Banerjee. The brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability struck a balance that resonated with the diverse Indian audience.

The Indian beauty market is as diverse as the country itself, presenting challenges and opportunities in equal measure. ETUDE faced competition from local and international brands, but its commitment to understanding and embracing the uniqueness of Indian beauty rituals allowed it to stand out. Collaborations with Indian influencers and makeup artists added another layer to the brand's resonance.

ETUDE Academy's Inaugural Graduation Party: A Night of Artistry and Celebration

In the digital age, ETUDE recognized the importance of building a virtual stage to connect with its audience. "We are celebrating the successful completion of our ETUDE influencer program which we launched this year," Mini Sood Banerjee states. "Through this, we are supporting young influencers, offering them support in multiple ways - how to make content, how to do proper makeup, etc. It is one of the best initiatives we have taken up because not many makeup brands have been doing that in India to support influencers, budding influencers."

In a dazzling event at PVR Home, ETUDE Academy recently celebrated its very first Graduation Party, marking a pivotal moment in the journey of budding makeup enthusiasts. The evening featured an engaging masterclass by Jazz Wahan, a renowned makeup artist celebrated for infusing creativity into every look. Banerjee expressed her admiration, stating, "ETUDE Academy's first Graduation Party was a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of its students, showcasing the brand's innovative approach."

Ode to Sustainability

In an era where sustainability became a keynote in the beauty industry, ETUDE harmonized its practices with eco-friendly initiatives. "I want that the current demand we have from GenZ already, we aim to be the go-to makeup brand for them, being a product that everyone loves and uses," expresses Mini Sood Banerjee, underlining ETUDE's commitment to aligning with the values and preferences of the conscious Indian consumer.

As ETUDE continues to compose its melody in India, the brand remains committed to staying attuned to the ever-evolving desires of its audience. "We are launching various products of ETUDE which will be coming in December 2023 onwards," Mini Sood Banerjee hints, "and we are excited about all this, and maybe you will also get to witness our expansion with store launches as well as collaborations including our collaboration with Tira with the offline store expansion that we will be doing."

A Beauty Sonata Unfolds

ETUDE's journey in India has been nothing short of a beauty sonata, with each phase harmonizing seamlessly with the vibrant tapestry of the country. From its debut in Mumbai to becoming a household name across cities, ETUDE has etched its melodic presence in the hearts of Indian beauty enthusiasts. As the brand continues to play its beauty symphony, the audience eagerly awaits the next enchanting note in ETUDE's captivating story.

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