How Retail Beauty Brands are Innovating Themselves Through Technology
How Retail Beauty Brands are Innovating Themselves Through Technology

The boost in technology over the last few years has been phenomenal from health care to sports to retail beauty brands, every sector has embraced technology in their business and can clearly see the huge potential it has. The perception of purchasing and consuming products has taken a total 360-degree turn with the rise of technology. Beauty brands are also no exception to this, and they are utilizing every opportunity to incorporate technology to ensure that their consumers have a smoother experience altogether. 

Be it AI or artificial intelligence, AR or augmented reality, or VR or virtual reality; beauty brands are using all sorts of technology in the ever-emerging market of beauty. Consumers' demands and choices have also become varied, and hence to cater to their ever-changing tastes, it has become essential for brands to include high-tech in their brands. 

Let’s see how retail beauty brands are innovating themselves through technology 

Using virtual try-on technology

People are not willing to step out of their comfortable homes to buy cosmetic products. They want to enjoy and purchase it online. While a physical store gave them the option to try out lipstick shades, foundation shades, and other products, online purchases have restricted that option. But brands are using technology such as virtual try-on through which a person can try out the lipstick shade or how the mascara looks on their eyelashes and other features. It has certainly made it easier for consumers to buy a product. It is not only time-saving for them but also gives a real store-like feeling in the comfort of one’s home. AR and VR are the biggest tools when it comes to virtual try-on. Brands have these features on their website as well as in their apps. 

Skin and Hair Analysis

Beauty brands are developing various smart products which are based on IOT, helping brands to collate data from their consumers directly. With this data, they are able to analyze the consumers’ skin and hair. Through this digitization, customers can also get a quick analysis of their skin and hair and do not need to consult an expert immediately. This technology is also helping consumers to choose the right products for themselves. It has contributed to product efficiency even more. 

See Your Future Skin

Beauty brands are considering consumers’ preferences, and accordingly, they are developing various tools with high technology. Today, through AR, customers can have a closer look at their skin. Fine lines, blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles are more visible through this type of technology, and consumers can also understand what their skin requires. With a quick scan of the face, the beauty apps are able to recommend the right product and what kind of skincare regime one must follow and others. Also, with this powerful tool, one can see how the skin is going to look 5 years later. 

Helps in Building a Brand-Customer Relationship

Technology is helping brands create a more coherent and immersive experience for their consumers. Earlier, reaching out to a brand with a certain query or need seemed impossible. But with the help of technology, customers can easily put forth their requirements, and they are getting responses immediately. The feedback is also taken into consideration more severely, and through technology, it is filtered out easily to create the best product next time. This new-age technology is immensely aiding brands to establish a more long-lasting and loyal bonding with their customers. 

One can clearly see the huge impact technology has on beauty brands and how people are also enjoying the multiple benefits it provides. In the future, beauty brands will incorporate more such tech-based features only to enhance the customers’ experiences. 

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