Shopping destination for male celebs

When it comes to shopping, we see women leading the show…however now their counterparts are not very far behind. We take a sneak peak into favourite global shopping destinations of some male celebrities…..
Shopping for men

If you think women are shopping fanatics? Think again! 

With people becoming more fashionistas, men are no longer behind women in terms of shopping. Men too have their preferences and choices to make when it comes to shopping. There are chances that the things on the list might be less or limited but the scope to buy them from is ample. Men might not have fetish for shopping or to keep a track about the sales and discounts as much as women do. Still men have their own choices and decisions to make.  

Earlier the scenario was different where men had few brands to choose from, they never had to run around for shopping. They had their personal favourite outlets where they went and knew the salesman would know his choice and buy. Things have changed drastically over the years.  

Gone are the days when shopping may be a source of joy just for women but now Indian men are a part of the same league. Exclusive apparel and accessories stores for men are increasing day by day. Seeing the potential not only national but international brands are also foraying into India to cater to the increasing demand of men’s apparels and accessories. Every one has their own favourite places, which have something enticing and captivating that make them visit the stores again. While talking about the favourite shopping destinations we catch up with the male celebrities and their most visited places and brands.


Most visited places
London, Paris, New York tops the fashion-shopping extravaganza. But more recently, Delhi, Goa and Mumbai too have been added to the list of the celebs and socialites. Well-known model turned actor, Arjun Rampal talks about his preferences with us, he says, “I do not have any one place in particular really. I think shopping from everywhere is good as long as it is something you like and so it is not that I go to a place where I really do all my shopping. Anywhere you can see a new place is opening up all the time. I like London, New York, Milan andas these are the fashion hubs.” For Shekhar Ravjiani, leading music composer and hair stylist Jawed Habib, London remains the first choice when it comes to shopping. Amongst these high profile fashion destinations, India is too making its place in global shopping destination. Bollywood star, Jackie Shroff likes to shop from Delhi, Mumbai and Goa while Mohit Suri, Director likes to shop at Hong Kong.


List of things and brands
Men are gadget freaks and we all know it well and when it comes to electronic goods our celebs like to shop for stuff from nothing but the best. This goes very well with the shopping list for Mohit Suri. He says, “Being a director, I like to buy gadgets like computers and cameras and the like as it helps me in my work. Other than this, I like to buy shoes and that too mainly sneakers and not leather ones. My personal favourite brands are Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel and Nike.” 

Arjun Rampal says, “I do not go in for labels, I like to buy stuff which is comfortable. I prefer shopping for gadgets.” Some celebrities quite popularly wear designer labels and these global destinations provide the right mix of culture and designer wear. Shekhar loves lot of Italian brands, and says, “I like Fcuk as it has real cool stuff.” Jackie Shroff is not much of designer freak and likes to team up a regular blue or black pair of jeans with light colour shirts. Jawed Habib talks about his list, he says, “I shop for T-shirts, shoes basically boots, jeans, shirts and ties. The quality of products that you find in London is very good and the designing is sober yet modern.”


Memorable Moments
With India getting renowned globally and Bollywood fans can be found in huge numbers. Shopping brings along moments, which are worth cherishing. Shopkeepers end up meeting their favourite celebs and the first thing that comes to their mind is to capture that moment. Jackie Shroff talks about this always, he laughs and tells, “Shopkeepers are first ready with the camera, click a snap and later they show the stuff. This makes them very happy and we as actors are here to spread happiness.” While on one of his shopping spree, Shekhar narrated us an event, he said, “While I was in London, I bought a jacket from GAP which was really very expensive and when I came back to Mumbai, I saw the tag with written on it, ‘Made in India’. I felt really bad having been paid that much but its really cool looking so I don’t mind.” Jawed Habib talks about one such situation, which can be quite a memorable one yet, an embarrassing as well. He says, “ You like the stuff and you shop a lot, but later the card does not work, what then!” he leaves us thinking over the thought on this kind of situation which can happen any where in the world and with anyone after all its just a card. Nonetheless, no matter how good or bad the shopping experience was and be it male or female, shopping is an activity which makes people go round the globe on a shopping spree. Till then, Happy Shopping!

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