Virat Kohli bowled over by Bengaluru connection

Indian test captain Virat Kohli's high-street menswear brand Wrogn is based in Bengaluru. Kohli is also the captain of the Bengaluru IPL team.
Virat Kohli bowled over by Bengaluru connection

Indian test captain Virat Kohli has a strong Bengaluru connect. His clothing label Wrogn, co-owned with Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Anjana Reddy, is designed and manufactured in the city, tailored to reflect the cricketer's style. Virat is also the captain of the Bengaluru IPL team.

Virat is a frequent visitor in Bengaluru and likes to brainstorm with the label's design team. While on a cricket tour, "Whatsapp comes handy for design approvals," said Reddy, co-owner of the Wrogn brand and managing director of Universal Sportsbiz, which sells celebrity-related brands and memorabilia. "Like (former English footballer) David Beckham, Virat has effortless global appeal." 

The Wrogn collection comprises trendy tees, shirts, chinos, slim-fit trousers and casual jackets.

"We have everything a young and bold guy can wear on a casual or semi-formal occasion. Essentially, Wrogn is for an ambitious man who is unafraid to express himself," Kohli told ET. "I just hope there are enough of them in India. Otherwise my brand will be in big trouble."

Kohli analysed his role as more of a stylist. . "I am a cricketer and not a fashion designer... But I love fashion and people tell me that I have a distinctive style," he said.  "Wrogn is a reflection of that style and my designers have conceptualised and designed the products meticulously based on what I like and what I don't." 

Virat’s label is doing good on "Wrogn, since its launch on in February 2015, is amongst the top 10 brands on the portal's brand index in terms of revenue. It is valued as one of the top five brands in terms of gross margins," said Reddy. Wrogn is also available at Shoppers Stop stores across India.

“I want to build the bridge between celebrities and fans through clothing," said Reddy. "The exercise extends the lifespan of a celebrity. A sportsman who is a star at 26 suddenly retires at 30. So, build a brand that takes you forward."

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