Walmart is committed to India: David Cheesewright

Walmart is determined of walking the path of Cash & Carry and B2B e-commerce businesses across India. It has partnered with small businesses to enable them to modernise and improve their profits through Best Price stores.
Walmart is committed to India: David Cheesewright

On his recent visit to India in April, David Cheesewright, President and CEO of Walmart International, reiterated about Walmart India’s target of growing aggressively by 2020 with its Cash and Carry and the B2B eCommerce businesses across India.

Taking an overview of Walrmart stores, Cheesewright visited Best Price Modern Wholesale stores in Hyderabad and Agra. He met Kirana members in Hyderabad and also launched the B2B eCommerce service in Agra, making it the 16th store to go online, by delivering the first online order to one of the Best Price store’s Kirana members in Agra.

Cheesewright along with Krish Iyer, Walmart India President and CEO, also visited the upcoming 21st Cash and Carry store of the company in Agra which is to be opened by August-September this year. The store would be the second Best Price store in the city.

During his visit to Hyderabad, Cheesewright met Chandrababu Naidu and K Chandrasekhar Rao, the Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to project Walmart’s growth plans in the two states and commitment to local sourcing. He informed both the Chief Ministers about Walmart’s efforts in sourcing, farmer training and women economic empowerment.  

“India is an important market for us, and Walmart is committed to this country and the market for the long-term. I believe that Walmart is integral to “Make in India” through the benefits we are delivering in India.  We are pleased with our established and successful Cash and Carry business in India, which is focussed on serving India’s Kiranas and other small businesses. We are committed to partnering in India’s economic growth by enabling the right ecosystem for B2B eCommerce through investments in people, technology and supply chain.  We want to grow our business in India the right way with integrity as the foundation of everything we do," saidDavid Cheesewright.

eCommerce remains to be a major driver of growth for Walmart’s Cash and Carry business in India and is an area where the company is well positioned to succeed. The e-commerce platform caters to members of Best Price Modern Wholesale Stores only.

In less than a year since the launch of the B2B e-commerce platform in Lucknow and Hyderabad Best Price stores, the e-commerce platform is now available in all 16 stores across India. Members can shop online at by logging in, navigating, choosing, booking and purchasing the products online without the need to physically visit the stores.    

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