Off Mall Retailing -Mecca for few

Most of the time shoppers prefer high street shopping destination while driving back home from office. Cashing on the shopping trend, few retailers stick on to off mall retailing!
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Despite the mall boom and malls becoming a favourite hang out destination, few retailers are content with their presence at high streets. A recent survey conducted by the Retailer team, in the popular markets of Delhi, unveiled for a few reasons, the off mall strategy has still its base strong in India. While some retailers think, India has a diversified culture with a huge population. So it’s okay, if few shoppers’ shop in mall. But what are the rationales that off mall strategy still reaping benefits for some!

Speaking to retailers, it has come out that high street retailing scores over mall destination on few facts like consumers look for every opportunity to cut down on miles driven. The retail brand having presence at high street, which fell on the road you take from work to home, saves time and money. Also the high street destination may be close to their convenience based stops such as grocery stores. Malls are not favourite shopping destination for most of the traditional Indian shoppers who do not get their traditional attire like sari, traditional jewellery items in a mall. But apart from these reasons, the most important fact is that, aged shoppers find it difficult to relate themselves with the shopping experience a mall offer. Apart from doing shopping, people visit shopping malls for entertainment purposes like movie, food or may be merely window shopping. The percentage of actual buyers out of the total footfall at the mall is not very high

For some retail brands, high street is their Mecca of business, for some it is malls. Well, the answers support the fact that the brands whose customer base is younger generation and one who have more disposable income, for them malls are the best place to go for shopping. Likewise, if any one wants to buy jewellery item as a gift on Diwali or to gift at a wedding, they won’t go in a shopping mall. Though malls have assortment of branded jewellery shops, but it lacks in offering the familiar traditional brand. Indian consumers are waking up to the branded jewellery items off late though. Also, if we take the case of traditional bridal wear retailer Chabbra 555, which has maximum presence on high streets, their target group will not go to mall to buy bridal wear from them. Though keeping pace with the trend they have been operating their store in Crown Interiorz mall, Faridabad, but catering to the need of Indian bridal wear, it shows high streets rules over malls. As Deepak Khanna, owner of Bhagwan Das Jeweller thinks, “People visit malls more for entertainment purpose than to purchase jewellery items. They do shopping but a jeweller will not get his target group of audience there.” Meena Bazaar has presence in Shipra Mall (Ghaziabad) and Crossriver Mall (Vasant Kunj) apart from high streets. The owner of the establishment, Anu Manglani, based on his experience of operating outlets both from high street and malls shares, “Real business or buying remains at high streets and probably always will. Again, some amenities are exclusively available in malls like rest room. Still, serious shopping in India remains at the high street just like our strong cultural food choices.” DPS Kohli, Owner of Koutons Retail shares, “Retail is growing in India, and it is till in its nascent stage. Sales conversion in mall is not encouraging. When people feel the necessity of shopping they go to high street rather than a mall. Because, malls apart from shopping, offers other assortment and most of the people prefer going to malls for window shopping. This is not a supportive factor for a retailer. The mid segment of consumer is the most important part, a retailer should know, where this mid segment goes for shopping. Mall has high indulgence which is also not supportive to a retailer; there a retailer has to consider not merely a carpet area but also super area. There in a mall a retailer can not open a big store-considering these things. I prefer high streets over malls”.  

Though high streets remain Mecca for few retailers, malls too have some allurements which suffice the life line of retailers having presence in malls. 

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