Innovation in Kitchen Products During the Pandemic

The lockdown has proved to give an opportunity for invention in the Indian kitchen, making a lot of Indians re-evaluate their kitchen footprint.
Innovation in Kitchen Products During the Pandemic

The lockdown has proved to give an opportunity for invention in the Indian kitchen, making a lot of Indians re-evaluate their kitchen footprint. This is because Indians have picked up cooking as an activity to either master their cooking skills or to explore themselves during these tough times. 

While most of them enjoyed cooking new dishes, there were others who struggled with the very basics - like exploring alternative options to keep food fresher, last longer, and healthier. Kitchen essentials such as cling films or foils are now not just impulse purchases or retail bulk buys. Customers prefer more information on these products because they now choose to ‘invest' their time, money, and energy in making an informed decision so that they can choose a single product that could serve several purposes and help them sustain a healthy lifestyle.

To catch up with the trend, Asahi Kasei, Japan’s No. 1 brand has introduced the Indian market with products like - Premium Wrap, Cooking Sheet, and Frying Pan Foil. These products have created a significant revolution in the kitchens for work-from-home couples and nuclear families in India, who need to make their food preparations last longer and eat healthy, especially because they have to balance between meal prep and work or other household responsibilities. 

As WFH has blurred the line between our personal and professional lives, eating healthy and fresh is essential to keep ourselves strong, healthy, and motivated.

While these products may appear to be simple household items, there is a perfectly scientific explanation for how and why the premium wrap not only preserves food and keeps it fresh, but also has multiple other uses that most people are unaware of. 

Simply put, when the premium wrap clings to the food container, it forms a tight seal that prevents food from drying out and locks in moisture so that it keeps food fresh for a long time. It also stops bad smells from spreading into different food items that may be kept nearby. It keeps frozen meals fresh and prevents them from drying out, and it may be utilized in a variety of ways. 

Raw vegetables (including those with high water content), fruits, meats, poultry, and fish, as well as prepared dough, may all be stored without moisture loss. Furthermore, it is perfect to store or heat any kind of Indian or exotic preparation in the refrigerator or the microwave. The premium wrap helps in controlling food wastage as well, one can just wrap their leftovers and store them for later use.

We all may follow different diets and may have different cooking styles but the frying pan foil comes to the rescue where one can prepare various types of dishes using the product. The frying pan foil is silicone-coated aluminum foil, which allows you to cook without using oil. Thus, due to a reduction in oil intake, one can reduce their calories intake and by using frying pan foil for oil-free cooking, one can reduce calories to a great extent and can remain fit and healthy. 

A lot of us have dessert cravings while being home and innovative kitchen products can help us shift into eating healthier food that is home-cooked. 

The cooking sheet allows one to bake treats without the inconvenience of grease, sticking, and compromising on the taste. All the innovative products eliminate the use of cookware and post-cooking clean up of utensils as it reduces the number of fans required in the kitchen.

The global pandemic has taught us how to use alternative kitchenware products to have a hassle-free cooking experience. Asahi Kasei wants to educate every Indian family on how using such products could provide them with multiple benefits while they are in the kitchen. The idea is to have a healthier lifestyle and products like these can help us achieve a more balanced diet. 

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