Trends to Lookout for in Home Decor Industry in 2022
Trends to Lookout for in Home Decor Industry in 2022

Another year, replete with healthcare challenges is coming to an end. As the New Year comes up, a new kind of excitement is engulfing the people across the globe with myriad hopes and dreams. For family-oriented Indians, their homes have always been a priority.

Some plan to buy a new house in the new year, while some others plan to redecorate their abode in a fresh way. 

People’s inclination towards giving a pleasant and attractive look to their homes is increasing by the day; fueling new trends, and ever-changing interests and requirements of the homeowners. 

As 2022 is to knock on the door soon, some home décor trends are expected to be in vogue. In the coming year, engaging and comfortable designs that can permeate class and grandeur in every nook and corner of the house will be popular.

Brighter Shades - Colors affect mood and well-being immensely, besides connecting with people emotionally. Brighter colors are effective in enhancing happiness and giving homes an amazing look. Apart from that, the colors exhibit the overall personality of the home and owner. So, people are inclined towards giving home an attractive look with vibrant colors. The new-age homeowners, consisting of a large cohort of millennials, are very cautious while choosing a color for their home; they are particularly concerned about the inside and outside looks of the house. In the New Year, the preference for colors will be stronger.

Sustainability - The homes constructed with sustainable practices incur lower maintenance and other costs thereby giving owners a higher return on investment. Apart from that, people today are more concerned about nature and do not intend to cause any harm to it. This very behavior of people will strengthen in the next year and accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable practices. While the interior décor would include natural elements such as repurposed natural finished wood, the exterior décor would include low-maintenance flooring; they are going to be high in demand.

Natural Texture and Materials - Natural texture and materials are considered sensory to be stimulated, providing calm of nature in the home. From decorative materials such as dried flowers, dyed grasses to furniture will be on the priority list of homeowners to decorate homes in the New Year. Earthy textures, organic natural shapes, raw materials, greenery, and nature-inspired colors and textures will be in high demand.

Bringing the Outside In - The pandemic-induced effects have encouraged homeowners to enjoy cooking at home and taste the items mainly found outside the home. So, they would like to create the outside world inside the home. Apart from that, there would be a trend of creating an entertainment space inside the home. The trend is anticipated to pick pace in 2021.

Handmade Beauty and Artisanal Pieces - To satisfy the aesthetic sense of beauty, people will prefer hand-made crafts that are more engaging than artificial items. Their timeless beauty is more appealing and gives the home a unique look. The demand has already picked the momentum and recognizing the same, artists are creating designs as per the architecture of the home and the demand of homeowners. 

Curvy Furniture - The pandemic taught people to include more softness in life. This very inclination increased the demand for curvy furniture to spruce up a home. The curve of furniture is now extending beyond the luxurious C-shape. Further, rounded shape furniture designs are also gaining popularity. These designs are not only comfortable but also soothing for the eyes.

Glass Lighting - The way of lighting homes has changed greatly with variation in color and texture while enabling deep warming hues. The changes are not only according to the sense of the beauty of the homeowners but also as per the sustainability norms. Also, they are energy-efficient. Due to the inclination towards easy designs and the increased awareness towards the environment, the trend is expected to gain more popularity in the next year.

For Indians, homes are not less than a heaven. People give attention to each detail when it comes to home and its decoration. They want to spend more but don’t want to compromise with the overall appearance of the home. In 2022, the consumers would like to have all the facilities and decorations in the home that they see in the outside world. It will fuel the burgeoning trends.

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