Brand Evangelists for a consistent spread!

Brand evangelists refer to a concept where the customers themselves promote a brand that they believe in. Just as any sports teams have fans so brands have evangelists. Nothing is more superior to having the customer as your brand ambassador. Read to know
Be the trend

Word-of-mouth advertising by consumers within their own space and not coaxed by advertisers is the ultimate form of brand promotion that a business owner can hope for. This is brand evangelism. When a passionate consumer makes the brand a religion and promotes it with full faith then, (s) he ceases to be an ordinary consumer and becomes a brand evangelist. Such a consumer happily recommends the brands (s) he believes in because they feel a sense of ownership and belongingness to the brand and the user experience of which has satisfied them beyond a doubt. So to tap into this emotion and engage with the consumers is what business owners must do.  

How does one become a brand evangelist?
The buzz word today is ‘brand experience’. It is wisely said that, people may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Today, it is not about sky-rocketing sales, because what rises is bound to fall as well. Consumer A picks up a dress or a pair of shoes from your store, she loves the fit and so do others who see her wearing it. The delight felt by consumer A at receiving those appreciative glances, motivates her to come back for more and more. And if the brand provides the same or better effect every time consumer A purchases its products, then you have a brand evangelist in your hands. Next time consumer A sees someone with ill-fitting clothes or shoes, she will grab the chance to recommend the brand she is evangelising for. And this can work wonders for that brand. Brand evangelists communicate with customers in their own space. It shifts the one-way communication to two-way communication via advertising or promotional activities thus creating an actual dialogue. Also, in case people simply do not trust advertising, a recommendation from a fellow customer is more credible and believable.  

A network of brand evangelists
In this age of high-speed connectivity, social networks thrive with members or followers/users. Communities or forums on global events, issues and brands as well are rampant on such networks (and so are brand evangelists). The challenge for companies now, is to identify, engage and support their brand evangelists. Any brand can do with some free marketing. Members of Brand forums are, often people who have received satisfaction and delight in using that brand and make it their personal agenda to see to it that the brand succeeds. 

Providing the consumer with a channel to communicate with the brand works well. Like hosting blogrolls on your websites is something business owners can do, where loyal consumers are invited to share their experience of using the brand, ask for suggestions on improvements and invite consumers to promotional events or contests. Sharing personal videos (which may have moments of brand induced delight) or at-home events (where the brand was in some way used/promoted) can also be encouraged. Online sites such as You Tube have numerous videos of ‘brand experience’, where users post videos of how they have felt using a certain brand. Some go to the extent of listing out advantages and the not-so good points of the brand. This is where a keen retailer, willing to upgrade his/her brand will take the cue. 

It does not take much to create brand evangelists. In fact a retailer by offering good products, excellent services and exhibiting a willingness to change will never be short of loyal consumers. The trick in maintaining such loyal customers is to keep oneself within the loop of his/her ‘brand evangelists’. 


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