Cashing on World Cup Fever

Fast food home delivery jumps 50% on big day, Beer records 2.5 lakh litres
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Every time India is playing a match, three things make most buzz, bunking office, fast food and beer. The India-Pak showdown on Wednesday was no different and had the country's fast-food market rushing home deliveries jumping nearly by 50% and beer sale accounting to 2.5 lakh litres( a shoot up from 200 litres on any normal day).


Food fiesta

Fast-food chains Domino's, Pizza Hut, Nirula’s, BTW, Nathu’s and McDonald's saw a rush of bulk orders from cricket fans that remained at home as most offices gave half day to its staff  and those who had to attend enjoyed in their offices cricket world's titan’s clash for a spot in the World Cup final.


"For every day on which India has played in the World Cup, we saw a 50% spike in pizza deliveries. On some days, it has almost been double the average," according to pizza sellers.


Home deliveries also shot up as some firms had given half or full-day leave, industry players said. Khan Chacha , the famous kebab joint had a field’s day as the place thronged with people all throughout. Javed, co-owner shares, sale was good and some food traveled to Mohali also.


While I left my office at 2 o clock, I bought Chinese chat from Living Style mall near my house because I was in no mood to sacrifice the game time over cooking in the kitchen.


According to a KFC official in Lajpat Nagar, the sale was more than just double although he preferred to stay mum on the exact figure. An employee at a McDonald's centre for Bangalore and Mumbai said the chain had a lot of pending orders because of the cricket match. My collegues,  Vrinda, Rajni and Bhavya who had gone to Ansal Plaza, South Ex to watch the match swore by the sales at MC Donald’s there. “We had to wait for half an hour for every order”, they shared.


Divya Kaushik, GM. of Nirula shares, “ We have installed LCD for all matches in all our restaurants and the sale during the semi final was up by 30-35 per cent approximately, more so , because of the reason that we had a special promotion scheme, full meal, half bill in which a consumer gets 50 per cent discount second time. We are expecting a sale of 50 per cent more tomorrow, on the final day.


High on spirits

Most clubs were throbbing with beer lovers who doused themselves in spirits to enjoy the game. What’s more the victory saw them scoff extra beers for that victory feeling.


Ulhas Arora of Club Lounge, Gurgaon shared, “ We have  a seating arrangement for 66 people which is occupied 90 per cent. But on the semi final, we had 90 visitors and we sold double the amount of spirits than on any normal day. Kingfisher beer-150 bottles, 50 glasses of draft beer, single malt and blended whisky-25 large pegs. Tremendous consumption of snacks also. We are expecting a 30 per cent rise from semi finals tomorrow”.


I café lounge in CP sold 1000 bottles, Buzz sold 800 pints. Atrium Lounge Bar made 97,000 INR and sold two packages one of 2,500 and the other of 3,000 that had unlimited drinks with choice of Indian and imported beverages out of which A la carte made 54,000 INR alone.


The list is endless that makes 2.5 lakh litres on that one day with a promise of sales growing by atleast 30 per cent, and food by 50 per cent on the D Day

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