Go green therapy in retail

Going green is the buzzword these days and retailers world over are also joining the bandwagon. If you are not one of them yet, here is what you can do to go green...
The green initiative

Going green is just a way of doing your bit for the environment. Global warming is fast becoming a concern which needs to be dealt with. Retailers are waking up to this fact and are undertaking activities that enable them to be tagged as a 'Green Company'. Even though the revolution of going green started more than a decade ago, it is only now becoming the ‘in’ thing. It is a new brand strategy that is being adopted by retailers to make a mark on a customer’s mind.


Initiatives being taken across the globe

Retailers around the world have already started working their way towards making their business green. This can imply many things. Either their products are eco friendly or their process of manufacturing is ‘green’. It can also mean that apart of their profit goes into supporting the environment. Clothing retail giant, H&M, used 1,500 tons of organic fabric for its spring collection, and plans to increase that number by 50 per cent in the times to come. Banana Republic uses recycled material for packaging, and has an energy-saving plan for its outlets. They also have a collection of casual wear made from 100 per cent organic cotton. Victoria's Secret has introduced a sustainable plan for printing its catalogues. It also offers an organic line of body products, as well as sleepwear and inner wear made from organic fabric.


Practices you can opt for

In India retailers are taking up the challenge and putting in place activities that make them a green company. Here are some practices you can adopt to get the green tag.


  1. You can start by using energy efficient light bulbs; add weather stripping to doors and look for other green labelled products. The usage of these help conserve energy.
  2. Retailers who are constructing new stores can opt for green construction processes which are not expensive and reduce long term expenses, and in turn make the earth a greener place. Whether it is a small store or a large format one, building it in an environmentally friendly way requires attention towards every aspect of construction, including design and materials.
  3. Using solar energy and wind energy for a store is also an area which you can explore. Non electric power helps reduce a businesses' negative impact on the environment.
  4. It takes more than selling a few green products, to be called a ‘green’ business. Taking up practices that are safe for the environment for the manufacturing of the merchandise takes it one step further. Using environment friendly props for visual merchandising also works as a way to enhance the visual appeal of a store.
  5. Recycling is a widely used practice and is gaining significance lately. It is a practice which is fast catching up and also helps in reducing the cost for the merchandise. 


        In case, you still do not have these practices in place, then it’s time for you to wake up to play your role for saving the environment.


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