Google, Amazon and Jio are India's Most Influential Brands: Ipsos

Leading research agency Ipsos has compiled the data of top 20 influential brands of India.
Google, Amazon and Jio are India's Most Influential Brands: Ipsos

Google is ranked among the most influential brand closely followed by online retailer Amazon while Jio is on third spot. This data has been released by leading research agency Ipsos. The data has been based on online study of 1000 nationally representative affluent audiences, primarily native to metropolitan area. As per Ipsos, the participants of this study belong to various categories including retail, FMCG, telecom amongst others with fair share of advertising spending.

Speaking on the development, Jyoti Malladi, executive director, Ipsos India, said, "Influential brands impact our daily lives by providing meaning or purpose and reflecting our personal values. An evolving consumer landscape, technology enablers and the consumer’s changing preferences tend to place the different brands on varying influence standing for consumers."   Most of the brands that have made it to the MIB top list are from the technology and e-tailing space. Google, Amazon, Jio, Facebook, Flipkart and Samsung – are the top 6 brands. At No. 7 is the FMCG brand Patanjali that has made its space amongst the top, riding on the natural or ayurvedic and the nationalistic fervor. However, Patanjali has lost three ranks from its previous year's ranking of 4, probably indicating that its influence is waning at least to some extent.   

India's Most Influential Brands Top 20




4 Facebook

5 FlipKart

6 Samsung

7 Patanjali

8 Microsoft

9 iPhone

10 Apple

11 Airtel

12 Dettol

13 Sony

14 State Bank of India

15 Amul

16 Colgate

17 MasterCard

18 Myntra

19 Nescafe

20 LG  

"Brands are a mode of influence. Brands are created and nurtured in a way of affecting behavior of customers by way of purchase. However, Influential brands help customers engage with brands long after they have made the purchase - through habits, rituals or routines surrounding the brand and thereby develop emotional connections with them, thereby earning a meaningful place in their daily lives," says Malladi.

These are the five factors of ‘Brand Influence’:


Brand trust is the most important assets and requires constant efforts from the brand to build and sustain the positive image. Time and again, the brand have to go scrutiny of the consumers and redefine themselves.


The most important aspect of brand influence is engagement. Influential brands strive to go beyond purchase or basic functionality to establish engagement with the customers. People talk about influential brands, love them and want to know more about them.

Leading Edge:

Influential brands play an active role in taking the lead and shape the way we live. Such brands constantly like to innovate themselves with smarter, better solutions which leads or interacts in our daily lives.

Corporate Citizenship:

Influential brands take pride in becoming socially responsible, thereby contributing to the planet along with commercially focused on people and profit. With its influence in building better corporate reputation, companies/ corporations are incorporating CSR as part of their strategic imperatives.


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