Indian Salon Industry Report 2012 unveiled
Indian Salon Industry Report 2012 unveiled
Franchise India’s exclusive report on Indian salon and beauty industry business, “Indian Salon Industry Report 2012”, was launched on Wednesday during the first edition of the Indian Salon Congress & Awards 2012 being held at Hotel Claridges, Surajkund.
The report highlights the opportunities in the industry with specific focus on how the environment is positively poised for growing your salon brand, increasing your profits and winning long-term market share in the world’s fastest-growing and most lucrative market place. It is an effort to bring together various business and consumption factors that play a major role in the continued growth of the beauty services segment. The report reveals that 2012 stands as a year that will lead change through the beauty services business. The growth of the organised sector is catapulting the industry towards a greater paradigm shift. Driving this growth wave are big national and international cosmetic companies that have ventured into the salon business and expanded their business boundaries to be a part of the beauty services industry.
On the business of beauty, Gaurav Marya, President, Franchise India, said, “It goes without saying that the next chain salon will slowly but surely capture the market share of the typical neighborhood mom and pop beauty parlour. The time is critical for salon owners/entrepreneurs to rethink their business strategy, which would now be the difference between their growth, survival or imperishment. It is time for you to trade smaller tasks for bigger accomplishments and pave your way to become the next salon business conglomerate. On the occasion, we also invite communities interested in the business of beauty to partake in Indian Salon Congress as part of our special initiative ‘Franchising for Minority’.”
Over the last five years, the organised salon industry is growing at a rate of 30 per cent, against the industry average of 25 per cent. Today, the Indian beauty products and services industry is pegged at Rs 13,200 crore, Marya added.
The Indian Salon Congress 2012, a two-day conference, has been launched as a collaborative platform for industry veterans to interact and highlight the best practices and to boost innovation to capture consumer interest that will assist to grow the beauty services sector. The inaugural ceremony of the Congress was presided by Chairperson and Guest of Honour, CK Kumaravel, Managing Director, Naturals Beauty Salon India Pvt Ltd; Sandeep Ahuja, Managing Director, VLCC Health Care and CEO, VLCC Intl; and Gaurav Marya, President, Franchise India.
The best takeaways of the show will be on insights into the personal care market and trends for 2012; building wide consumer base and map consumption trends; business strategies to integrate multiple services–hair, nail, skin and day spa – and many more. The Expo 2012 will be a showcase and branding opportunity for your product or services operating in the beauty services segment, connecting with suppliers and other allied industries. The Indian Salon Awards 2012 will acknowledge contribution of market leaders and innovators from the beauty services industry. Awardees will receive national recognition and extensive media coverage with the partners.
On this occasion, Franchise India will also launch an initiative, “Franchising for Minority”, which is being supported by world renowned hair stylist, Jawed Habib. “Franchising for Minority”, a CSR initiative for the minority communities, aims to take entrepreneurship to the bottom of the pyramid. The profession of beauty at both the corporate and street levels is largely dominated by the Muslim community and to give a further boost to them in this business, Jawed Habib is supporting the cause to enable entrepreneurship in the business of beauty. Under this initiative, both Franchise India and Jawed Habib Group extend best possible opportunities and assistance to low income group people who are interested in the business of beauty.  Franchise India and Jawed Habib will come together to create special modules to educate them about the intricacies of salon franchising and running a beauty service business.
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