London Olympics: Time to rake in moolah!

With the month long Olympics set to begin in two days, retailers across the globe are set to cash in on the opportunity for maximising profits.
London Olympics: Time to rake in moolah

If you associate only sportswear brands with a sporting event then it’s time to think again. Today, brands across categories work to extract as much benefit from an event and from whatever association they can. With Olympics being a major international event, retailers weave a lot of expectations. 

The Department of Transport in London expects 500,000 tourists in London between July 17 and August 18, with an additional 70,000 athletes and officials. An extra 260,000 visitors will come to the capital as compared to the same period last year. With such high numbers adding to the fact that all are coming for the Olympics creates a great pool of prospects.  World over big names like Panasonic, P&G, Acer, Adidas, BMW, GE, Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s are closely associated with the event. 
The Indian connect
Indian retailers have been working on the Olympic dream and are all set to derive benefits from it. An association with the Games offers the much needed value addition to a brand. They are grabbing whatever opportunity that comes their way to be a part of the event. Starting from travel deals, to launching a wishes campaign to awards, they are doing it all. 
If you want to witness the event live, you can log on to excluzen as it has partnered with Prestige Ticketing, a premiere hospitality provider in the UK, to bring especially negotiated offers for the most awaited event of 2012.Prestige Ticketing is the only London 2012 hospitality program, operating within the Olympic Games venues.
Acer’s new campaign focuses on the Olympics with Hritik Roshan urging Indians to boost the morale of all Indian athletes participating at the forthcoming games. The campaign is based on the thought - Stand up for the Olympics by just standing up for the National Anthem. Acer India managing director Harish Kohli said, "As an official IT partner of the London Olympics 2012, Acer has once again taken the opportunity to play a major role by providing innovative and dependable technology.
P&G has been running a ‘Thank you mom’ campaign since April which acknowledges all the hard work that moms put in to raise their children. P&G is the official Olympic Games sponsor. Coca-Cola has launched the London 2012 Olympic Games Contest, wherein you have the chance to win gold medallions, silver medallions and a trip to the 2012 London Olympics. 
Samsung India and Amul are the Olympics Partners for the Indian contingent to the Games. While Samsung announced the ‘Samsung Olympic Ratna’ programme and that it will provide scholarship support to eight top performing Indian athletes who have qualified for the London Olympics, Amul has created a 3D version of a TVC created for the Games. Amul will also be launching a digital campaign on the eve of the London Olympics.
Samsung is also running a campaign in support of the athletes. Rahul Sehgal, CMO, Samsung India says, “We have kicked-off a digital campaign to rally support for the Indian team, wherein people can walk into 500 retail outlets, plug on to a Samsung device, and use a special app called ‘Play Up’ to wish Team India.”
Seagram’s Royal Stag has released a TVC with a very interesting message. Leslie Claudius Keshav Dutt and Jaswant Singh Rajput feature handing the baton to Bharat Chetri, the goalkeeper captain of the Indian Hockey team to London Olympics 2012 in the ad as a support to them. 
At the heartland
While India is away from the event and still weaved in associations, once can well imagine how the retail scenario in London would be like! Global brand names are working towards being a significant part of the event. Panasonic will be delivering the largest-ever Audio-visual Equipment Supply to London 2012 Olympic Games. On its list are products like projector screens, plasma displays, security camera systems, pro broadcast cameras, monitors, tv sets, giant LED screens, and pro sound systems. Some of the products will feature in greater number as up to 12o00 pieces also. 
Moving from technology to automotive sector, where BMW is the Official Automotive Partner for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and will carry the officials and athletes to their destinations. 
GE is the Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games. One of the offerings from GE, from its Healthcare division is the state-of-the-art imaging technology to the anti-doping team at London 2012. 
Coca Cola supports the Olympic Movement since 1928 and the Olympic Torch Relay since 1992. They are the worldwide partners and  make a financial contribution to the Games but this year move beyond this and are working towards a green initiative where  all the drinks will be supplied in 100 per cent recyclable PET plastic bottles and they aim at recycling them into new ones in six weeks. From uniforms to menu boards, all are made with recycled materials. This year, they will provide the widest range of drinks ever offered at an Olympic and Paralympic Games and 95 per cent of the drinks will be made at the six UK manufacturing sites. 
When we think of sportwear, the came that rules the charts is Adidas. It is the official sportswear of the London Olympics and the British team whose range of sportswear was designed by Stella McCartney. About 3,000 athletes in every sport will be wearing their shoes or clothes; except horse-riding. The company has spent £100m on sponsorship, marketing and advertising since the Games were first announced in 2007. 
McDonald's is all over when we talk of food and the Olympics. It has been a proud supporter of the Olympic Movement for the past 40 years. They have unveiled the Official Restaurant of the London 2012 Olympic Games which is its first sustainable restaurant. Four restaurants have been set up at the Olympic Park for the Games. 
While some are associated directly with the games, others will be working towards gaining from indirect associations. Stores across London boast of store windows that adorn the Olympic theme. Retailers across categories are working towards cashing in as much as they can during the Olympics. Tommy Hilfiger, Omega, Primart, Gant, Guess, MassimoDutti, Penhaligon's, John Lewis, Hobbs, Harvey Nichols, Juicy Couture and Mappin & Webb are some of them. 
The event is being recognised as a grant one with immense openings for retailers especially those in London. With just two days left for the event to begin, there is a hustle bustle all around. What we have to wait and watch is that how much can brands the world over ‘actually’ make out of the much awaited London 2012 Olympic Games.
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