Top 10 shopping destinations creating a different world for the customers to experience
Top 10 shopping destinations creating a different world for the customers to experience

The world of fashion is an ever-changing dynamic platform. The fashion enthusiasts are always updated with the latest trends. There are a lot of fashion capitals in the world where you will find your heaven. The appealing fashion stores will knock your socks off with their best and latest couture lines from the leading brands. Let us talk by selecting few of the fashion capitals and their landmark fashion stores.

10 best fashion retail stores in the world

  1. Milan

When talking about fashion, we are bound to start with the fashion capital of the world. Yes! You are right! Milan is the fashion world where you will find jaw-dropping apparels from one of the best designer houses. World-class brands like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, etc originated here. For a shopping experience of a lifetime, visit Milan and get enthralled.

  1. Seoul

Seoul is also a great city to shop excellent fashion items for both men and women. To look extraordinarily chic, you should try the classic fashion stores in the sprawling markets. In fact, South Korea has been on the top of the list of highest credit card transaction per person record. You will be dazzled by the presence of excellent markets, luxury retail stores, and signboards depicting credit card acceptance. No matter how low the valuation of the commodities is, the government encourages credit card transaction.

  1. London

London is the bling city where you will find exclusive designer couture from the leading fashion houses in the world. Bruton Street and Mount Street are the well-known venues for bling stores and designer outlets. The Globe Shopper Index suggests that London outsmarts every European city in terms of brand availability and the number of shops.

  1. Madrid

The European city ranks third in terms of best pricing of the luxury items as per the Global Shopper Index. One of the biggest brands to watch out for here is Capas Seseña. Its clientele includes Hillary Clinton and Pierce Brosnan. In fact, this century-old store also supplied the cape in which Picasso was buried.

  1. Venice

Venice is the Italian version of exclusive fashion city. This age-old city has one of the world’s most admirable fashion retail shops where the Hollywood stars visit. If you are looking for exotic handcrafted items then Venice has a lot of vintage and contemporary options for you.

  1. Dubai

Dubai Mall is considered as a small kingdom due to its humongous size. You will find dancing fountains, waterfalls, aquarium, world-class ice skating rink and an outlet from Bloomingdale outside the borders of the United States of America. The Mall of the Emirates also caters a ski resort inside the compound. The previous mall offers nearly 70% discount on all items during the months of January and February on all the items.

  1. Miami

Who can forget Miami when the topic is captivating fashion retail stores? Miami is an ultimate getaway for the shopaholics. The city offers an array of options in various choices to pursue. If you are looking for an outstanding example of an outdoor shopping experience then Miami is a viable option for a retail weekend.

  1. Buenos Aires

This is the Argentine shopping destination where you will find exotic handmade leather items such as shoes, handbags, etc. Mocasines Guido is the best-known decades-old shop to search excellent leather men shoes. You can also visit Calle Murillo, the street for leather items, tailoring, and customizing shops.

  1. Hong Kong

Known for the best shopping destination, Hong Kong is the place where the shop clerks will stalk you until you find out where you want to go. More than 76% tourist shoppers have expressed their satisfaction in terms of price and quality of the items. From flea markets to exotic boutiques, you will find everything here.

  1. Paris

There is a saying about the shops in Paris. They do not sell apparels or other items, they reconfigure lifestyle. You will find concept shops, remarkable brand outlets, bookshops, florists, cafes, etc everywhere to enjoy a good day.

Wrapping up

These are the 10 best destinations in the world to check out and enjoy a fabulous shopping day. Plan your shopping weekend well and witness the bespoke in-store designs in the leading stores.



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