Top Trends reforming the Indian Beauty Industry
Top Trends reforming the Indian Beauty Industry

It’s go-time for innovative beauty trends and beauty beyond boundaries to grow like never before in India. With the global beauty industry being valued in the billions, India has begun to take its place at the beauty table.

Here, we’re going to explore some of the top trends that are bringing about a paradigm shift in the country’s cosmetic industry.

Beyond Skin tone

It’s about time that cosmetic brands shed tags like ‘fair’ or ‘white’ and adopt acceptable and realistic USPs such as ‘bright’. And major Indian brands seem to be ready to finally bury their prejudice against skin color and tone. Today, we see more and more beauty brands showcasing their products on models with darker skin tones. Dark skin is emerging from the shadows of medieval taboos as being less desirable and beauty products are now catering to a much larger palette of skin tones than they did before.

Beyond Gender

You’ve heard the popular line “why should girls have all the fun?” This is most true nowadays, where makeup is no longer constrained by the limitations of gender. In fact, this beauty trend has created a growing market for men’s beauty products, catering to more than just the basic grooming and styling needs. Also, gender fluidity and the rise of LGBTQ movements across the globe have created a larger audience for cosmetic brands to cater to. Although budding in India, Tik Tok and other social media channels are evidence of beauty and makeup penetrating deep within the labyrinths of society, via eCommerce websites.

Skincare Routine

Traditionally, the Indian skincare routine consisted of the basics that included moisturizer, which worked both for the face and body, and home-made scrubs to slough off dead skin. However, today growing beauty trends mean that Indian customer has a much greater understanding of skincare. For example, customers look for sun protection as they realize the importance of SPF protection and the role it plays in preventing early signs of aging or even skin cancer.

Anti-aging trend

Indian customers are spoilt for choice in today’s world, from day creams and sunscreens to night creams and serums with Hyaluronic acid, and even cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion. The country’s cosmetic market is flooded with anti-aging products and services. The concept of skin aging and how it can be delayed has become common knowledge with customers, something that has improved greatly over the last decade. Today, some anti-aging products target audiences who are just entering their 20s; promising to delay the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

Natural Ingredients

Paying homage to India’s rich natural heritage, cosmetic and personal care brands are rediscovering ancient Indian ingredients and their benefits while re-introducing them into their beauty products. However, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t a trend restricted to India. Luxe brands across the world have recognized the magical powers of Indian potions and are incorporating them into their products.

Personalization and Customization

Customers are growing increasingly aware that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure and vice versa. They have begun to understand that what may work for someone else may not work for them. Hence, customers are turning to customization to create their perfect product. With growing awareness and availability of customized products, consumers now want products designed for them while addressing every one of their concerns and needs. This has caused brands to turn to data and customer input to create a new form of luxury in the industry.

Role of Technology

Speaking of data, technology is now a part of every industry, as it eases the work of people. One of the biggest shifts in the beauty industry is that everyone wants to receive information in an instant, whether it’s SMS notifications or flexibility with online booking, technology has eased the life of both business owners and customers alike.

Social Responsibility

Be it using safer materials, cruelty-free, or using biodegradable packaging, the Indian cosmetic industry is embracing social responsibility with arms wide open. An increasing number of brands are going organic. Child labor laws are also being followed strictly in manufacturing units. And most brands actively run campaigns like ‘Beauty for a Cause’ where they stand for current issues plaguing our world, be it political or apolitical.

Ultimately, beauty is as beauty does and it is defined in this post as confidence, kindness, and knowledge are taking center stage. Consumers today are claiming their right to define beauty on their terms. That is what will guide new Indian beauty trends and the industry to grow in the future.

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