How To Build And Scale A Digital Retail Brand

Digital platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp today are providing phenomenal opportunities to brands in their establishment and finding the right audience
How To Build And Scale A Digital Retail Brand

Building and scaling a brand is a testament that we are living in the digital world where there is a huge opportunity for the creator and passion community. 

Compared with earlier, many digital platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp today are providing phenomenal opportunities to brands in their establishment and finding the right audience. Retail focus is shifting from ‘location’ to ‘digital’. The objective has shifted from building relationships to making real connections, engaging through content that helps in gaining a consistent and loyal following. The major change which the retail industry has identified is changing consumer behavior and the explosion of digital technology. And a brand without a digital presence will be missing the opportunity to engage and delight its prospective modern consumer.

It’s Digital or Customer First Approach

Pandemic has accelerated the digital-first approach; it is a decision of fewer seconds that delivers promises more than the product. Digital-first is an edict, which ensures the multichannel experience of a brand by keeping the customer first and strategies according to customers' needs. For long-term success, retailers are digitizing their business, and data is acting as a fuel to drive the engine. 

Bob Amster, Principal, Retail Technology Group mentioned that “Whether digital ‘first’ or digital ‘also’ is debatable, there is a time for everything, a time for digital, a time for the store, a time to browse, a time to buy fast.” 
Being digital is ‘another button to push’ which should be planned keeping the end-user perspective in mind that is ‘customer first’. As today’s consumer has a huge amount of choices to select from, retailers are focusing on selling the right product instead of just a product. Thus, retailers are ensuring brand visibility to prospects by cultivating a digital brand by digital-first approach and creating your identity at multichannel like email, social media, blogs, website, instant message platforms, and more. 

Let’s Start the Digital Journey

Building an online brand elevates its credibility and allows an instant opportunity to foster the growth of prospective consumers. Creating brand awareness with a unique logo, blog, or tagline help in creating likability towards the brand, and it happens when consumers enjoy consuming your content available at your social presence along with videos and podcasts. 
As per the data shared by Luxe Digital, “Worldwide online retail sales will make up 22 percent of total global retail sales by 2023.” 

Like brick-and-mortar, digital brands' success also depends upon a strong and sustainable foundation which starts from framing a clear vision for the future with measurable objectives. Brands should analyze the use of their precious time in using the right tools/ platforms rather than managing operations. There are various platforms available that are helping in managing business operations (TradeGecko, ChannelApe) from inventory management (ShipBob) to order fulfilment to payment (Shopify) and accounting (Quickbooks). 

For the sustainable success of your business, time is to grab the attention with online advertising and the right content market strategy to delight your customer. To create memorable and trustworthy brands, building a strong customer relationship is key. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to shine. Retailers are now known as experts in gathering data, the final building block is setting a robust tracking system to understand what drives my customer to my place. 

What comes Next…

It’s the right time to become the part of digital onset for building a strong identity, controlling the content, making positive social outreach, and generating the right impact with personalized and relevant offers. Brands are required to focus on inclusivity and Omnichannel marketing to reach its right audience with content marketing - ‘reach to your customer’, it will matter.

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