Content Strategy and Marketing: The Key Differentiator for Building Strong Brand Value
Content Strategy and Marketing: The Key Differentiator for Building Strong Brand Value

Content has always been hailed as the king. Content marketing and content strategy are important pillars of the marketing efforts of any organization. Traditionally content marketers saw content marketing and strategy as a simple way to communicate the best features and benefits of their product to the potential consumer and get the sales done. They used to concentrate all their efforts and energy on attracting new customers to grow the business. However, content marketing has grown much beyond this simple concept. A seasoned content strategist understands that it is not only important to attract new customers, but also to retain the older and regular ones.

Content strategy has rapidly evolved much beyond simply communicating about the product and making new sales. Modern content strategy focuses more on building brand value and keeping the customers engaged. It not only wants to make new sales but more importantly it intends to keep the regular customers loyal to the brand. It is common knowledge that the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than retaining regular customers. Contemporary marketing principles are now replacing the funnel with the flywheel, where retention of the customers is a key factor. Content marketing is perhaps the most important tool in the entire flywheel. Today's content strategy must focus on delivering content that is personalized and engaging to make the customer feel connected to the brand and also feel special. However, one might be tempted to ask, how to do that? How to keep the customers engaged? How do make them feel special?

In today’s world, people spend a large part of their day online. During this time, they read blog posts, watch YouTube videos, surf on social media, send and receive emails, watch and make short videos and do many other things. The content marketer needs to find his space between all this. An inexperienced marketer will try to squeeze in his advertisement somewhere in between. Customers don’t like to be interrupted between their work or entertainment. They get irritated and ultimately skip the advertisement. On the contrary, a seasoned marketer will try to deliver engaging content to the customers which will automatically find its place in their daily internet routine. This can be done by posting informative blogs, interesting videos, interactive social media posts, etc. Customers will not only spend time on such content by also liking and sharing it. This obviously will widen the reach of the content. Such content also leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the customers and is likely to influence their purchase decisions.

Marketers today are equipped with various digital tools equipped with AI and ML. These tools can not only help them track their customers’ and potential customers’ online activities but also help them analyze their behavior. These tools can also categorize and analyze the customers as per their age group, gender, location, and various other data points. This helps the content marketers create personalized content for the customers. For example, females between the age of 18 and 30 years who visit fashion clothing websites are likely to be attracted to blogs and videos regarding the latest fashion trends. She might also be interested in knowing about fashion accessories, clothing fabrics, and similar things. Therefore, catering such information to her in interesting and engaging ways will keep her closely associated with the brand. It will not only influence her purchase decision but also, she will act as an ambassador for the brand by liking, sharing, and commenting on the content posted by the company. Another smart example is a company that uses jaggery in its bakery products. Instead of directly asking the customers to buy their products, this company talks about the health benefits of jaggery in comparison to sugar.

Similarly, in email marketing, various studies and researches have revealed that emails with a customer’s name on them are more likely to be opened compared to one addressing him/her as “Dear Customer”. Modern CRM software can send personalized emails to thousands of customers in one go. Organizations are making use of these kinds of utilities to make their customers feel special and create a personal touch to the communications.

Modern consumers are spoilt for choices. Numerous brands are fighting for their attention. Not only local but international brands are also competing against each other. A well-defined and well-thought-of content strategy can make a huge difference for any organization. Not only will it strengthen the brand value of the organization, but it will also attract new customers while retaining the older ones. 

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