Enjoy the summer shopping bonanza

With the rising temperature, summer has already cast its spell much before than expected. Retailers are already out with their innovative strategies to grab the attention of the consumers this summer. Let us take a look

Retailers this summer are coming up with multiple offers. Summers and offers are now synonyms with each other. Consumers at the beginning of the season are on the lookout for offers so that they can make a sensible purchase. Retailers too have realised the expectations of their consumers and work towards offering the best collections and deals for them.

Retailers have already come out with their summer collections. Now they should work towards devising their strategies for hitting maximum sales.


Consumer durables

Consumer durable brands will also be drafting out their script of offers. Air-conditioners, refrigerators, coolers, and fans are essentials durables for the Indian summers. There are some consumers who would buy these essentials to beat the summer heat, while others would want to replace their old ones with the new. Therefore, retailers should devise their offers keeping these potential consumers in mind. Godrej Appliance has already come up with an offer and you can get a Timex watch free on every purchase you make with them. 


Cold and ice

Cold drinks and ice creams brands make maximum profits in every summer. This summer, cold drink brands are taking the innovation road; Coco Cola has introduced a new drink called ‘Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh’ to quench the thirst of the customers. Similarly, ice cream brands are also working on widening their palette of flavours this summer.


Summer apparel

Apparels are another focus in summers. People change their wardrobes and up date their range of summer clothing. Fabrics with gentle drape and great feel for comfort are one of the attractions this summer. The look for this summer is classy, sophisticated, and smart. Madame is out with its summer collection. Akhil Duggar, Creative Director, Madame tells, “The collection of Madame is high on fashion, full of colour, exciting, vibrant and full of energy this spring summer. As always, comfort, and style were the main ingredients while crafting the collection. Every item is made from sheer soft fabric. It exhibits clean silhouettes and comfortable cuts. The colour palette is very spring-like with the use of violets, pinks, purples, white and more. The collection is the reflection of cool wind and soft weather. It is a chilling break from this year’s hot season.” 


Offers with a sense of responsibility

Not only are retailers looking at cashing in a lot of moolah, they are also doing their bit for the environment. Energy efficient consumer durables are being made and marketed which are environment-friendly and emit lesser Chloro Floro Carbons (CFCs) in the environment. Apparel retailers are coming up with organic clothing to show their concern for the environment.


So as the retailers are opting various innovative strategies to gain high footfalls this summer, they are also coming up with offers that are easier on consumer’s pocket.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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